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One Mile Run Times?


For those of you that run, what is your current run time for a one mile run?

Also, what is your all time best?

This is considering just a one mile run (not a pace for 3 miles, etc.).


I"ve done a 6:19 mile before. Nothing great, but I wasn't in the best of shape either, IMO.


Depends on the terrain. Recently kicked out 4 miles at 8 m/mile rate at about 10 PM after working all evening. It was a flat track so was very easy for me.

Normally, I am in the 10.5 min range on what is technically considered a cross country type trail.

All time best was in junior high when running a mile was a short distance for me. 5.9 m/m held the fem school record for the year. Not bad for a gal that hasn't grown an inch since 7th grade.

Generally, I can't stop at just a mile.


5:10 is my best mile - I ran it as a Junior in high school - my first year of track. (didnt run my senior year - knee *grumbles)



I ran a 5:04 once, I know I could get it under 5 if i really tried.


4:47 in high school... many moons ago.


You guys are a bunch of mutants! The best timed run I ever did was 8 minutes flat and I thought I did great. I also weighed about 225 or so then...

I'm hoping all you guys weighed about a buck forty or so when you did it...

My new goal is two miles in twelve minutes but I am going to need to drop some weight to make that. I am 240 at about 15 percent bodyfat at the moment...


In 7th grade I ran track for a season (badly), and never did break the 5 minute mile goal coach set for the team.

Last year, and again early this year (May), I pulled down a sub 7:30 mile, and I thought it would flat kill me.

I'm forty three. One thing I think I see a lot of is guys who were athletes in middle school, high school, and even college, who are now in their middle years, continuing to ride on their numbers from their salad days.

What have you done lately. I'm really interested in what middle aged guys can, and can not, do.


Best times for me now are around 11:15 for a 1.5 mile run. I ryn 2 or 3 days a week. As a side note I actually run faster when I do HIIT, last sunday when I did HIIT, I ran 4 laps in about 7:30. SO I guess my best times are around 7-7:30m/m. Bodyweight 235.


Yeah I think that is probably the case. When I was in junior high I was running an average 80+ miles per week. I was 5'0" tall and weighed a whopping 90 pounds. I could qualify to pose for those Ethiopian starving child posters too. Best part was I could eat mountains of anything with no issue.


4:18. When I ran. I don't run anymore. Well, sometimes I'll run, but I don't RUN. I haven't trained for or ran a race in about two years. Sometimes I'll do an interval workout, mostly 800s, about 5:30 (mile) pace. But that's pretty shitty considering I used to do long runs at 6:30-7:00 pace. But it's ok, since I'm not a runner anymore.


I've never actually gone balls-to-the-wall for one mile.

My goal for Lake Placid is to break 3.5 hours on the marathon split of the Ironman. Which is a 7:30 pace.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt I have the training capacity to go sub 5 based on type of training I am on now for Ironman.


Yeah. When I ran 4:18 I weighed 145 at 5'7. My best 800 time was 1:52.11. Now I weigh about 180. I also put in about 50 miles less per week, and what my runs consist of now is vastly different.


Wow. That's some high mileage in junior high. We didn't put in mileage like that till college. And that was only during pre-season cross country through the beginning of the regular season.


Yeah. Training for really long distances is vastly different than training to run an optimal mile. How's your triathlon training going?


Im about to tell you in an hour.

As I write this I am dressing to hit the tredmill. I will do my very best and come back after an hour to tell you the results.

5'8", 174 lbs, 20 Yr. Old.


So far soooooo good. I have a small sprint distance this Saturday in Rhode Island. Then an international distance Sept 25th in Delaware. That will close out the season for me. Unfortunately, I won't have an off-season this year.

Going for Ironman means a solid year of training and I'd love to grab a spot in Kona, so that means a grueling year.

I've started working with Eric Cressey to fine-tune the prehab/strength/conditioning aspect of my training. He will be working hand-in-hand with my endurance coach so I am sure I will hit Placid in peak shape. It is definitely easier on the mind to be able to trust your coaches to do most of the thinking for you... its the sign of a great set up. They hand me the training programs and I go out and do 'em.

As things get closer and closer you'll hear more and more of it.


Running a mile on a tredmill is entirely different then running on pavement.


You're doing an all out timed mile on the treadill? I'd suggest going to the track instead. Regardless, make sure you have stretched and warmed up well. Do some treadmill striders.


Mt best time was 6:00 min flat while I weighed 195lbs. Now I run at about 8:00 min at a body weight of 270lbs. I have been running for about 13 years srtait, nut cutting back to once a week now to try and do some squats and deads.