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One Meal To Rule Them All?

Keeping things simple for me equals keeping things consistent. Although I’m not planning on going into a calorie deficit right now, I was talking about this at work and we couldn’t come up with anything. Wanted to see if Tnation had any ideas!

The goal:

One meal, eatin various times throughout the day (3-6 meals) ALL the same while not being a 8 course meal, think 3 compartment food prep box.

Is there a magical combination out there to not only get the macros, but to get all the micronutrients you would need to make this cut sustainable for a couple months.

Basic supplementation could be added as well.

SO! Is it possible?

Rib eye roast in one compartment, rice with stewed tomatoes in another and steamed broccoli in the last.

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I did ribeye roast a couple weeks ago. It was brutal to eat by the end of the week. Sometimes I have to eat it cold and that sucked. I also got massive jaw pump haha felt so swole in my cheeks

You must have been eating eye of round.

Ribeye is like a slice of heaven and usually costs about 13.99/lb.


Ah, maybe so. It definitely wasn’t $14 a pound. I beleive it was around $6 a pound.

Have you seen the Food Porn thread?

There’s one member on there that does some actual amazing meal prep.

I have, very tasty stuff. I haven’t read the whole thing as it’s huge, but I have skimmed quite a bit. I saw a lot of really fancy things, haven’t seen much that is somewhat on the simple side and can fit in a lunch box and be taken to work lol. BUT! Like I said, I skimmed it.

I also don’t really know what I would need to make sure I have all the micronutrients I would need. I hate to be one of those “just tell me what to do” people, but I honestly don’t even know where to start. I’m on TRT now and I think a lot of my issues leading to this were crash diets and fad diets, looking to cut smart and keep them #gains now.

Yeah, I’m a keep it simple kind of guy too. I have some basics like beef, chicken and pork, a couple of veggies and fruits, and a few additions I throw in for variety, but usually make it into and out of the grocery store within 30 min.

Simple and consistent.

Actually, I’ve eaten eye of round with potatoes, carrots and onion done in a crock pot for a week straight, no problem. Crock pot makes it awesome.

If you’re eating something a week after you prepared it then it’s going to suck no matter what.

If I had to eat just one meal. I’d probably just do a slow cooker thing with beef, zucchini, carrot, capsicum and stock. Throw it in a burrito or two with an egg, spinach, avocado and tomato then have a bowl of cauliflower and brocolli on the side with a cheese sauce. Plus some fish oil.

A varied diet can’t really help be beat in this regard. But if you do this, at least ensure that you are getting all of the different kinds of fats.

Animal fats
Tropical oils (e.g. coconut, palm, cacao)

Olive oil
Peanuts & groundnuts
Tree nuts

Fish oil
Most seed oils (e.g. canola, safflower, sunflower)

You run a high risk of getting a deficiency eating the same exact things for every meal.

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That’s what I’m worried about

If you are going to mealprep anyway, is there genuinely that much of a difference between preparing two or maybe three different kinds of meals?

How’s your kitchen stocked? Do you have an oven? A slow-cooker? If so, you can prepare one for meal in the slow-cooker, another in the oven, and a third on the stove top.

I meal prep for 1-1.5 weeks. For the last month it’s been 2 boxes a day, each box has a weighed chicken breast and 1 cup (measured raw) of white rice. I eat oatmeal for breakfast and wife cooks dinner.

I’m in ‘merica So we got it all baby!

Different meals are not out of the question. I’m just looking for the simplest way to keep the consistency high and the hassle low.

Please tell me that you freeze some of it? Both rice and chicken, even when cooked, doesn’t safely hold for over a week in the fridge. Not saying that it won’t, sometimes, it’s just risky.

If you batch prepare say chicken and rice you can wrap it in baking paper or tinfoil and store in the freezer for up to three months so you could prepare ahead for several weeks in advance.

But, to address your question with the addendum possibility of prepping multiple types of meals I’d maybe do a whole chicken in the oven if you have a cast-iron pot or something akin to that. And a roast in the slow-cooker (or vice versa).

Personally I prepare chicken and rice for the my post-workout, salmon for lunch, and red meat for dinner. Overnight oats for pre-workout/breakfast. One whole chicken, 800g to a kilo of red meat (beef), and five pieces of salmon (100-140g a piece) lasts me through the workweek. I cook my meals on the weekend.

Sounds like you got a weak stomach. Don’t skip stomach day lol

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Bibimbap with beef

Actually, for my go to meal I take a tray of white rice (Anne Chung’s or Vee Tee), ground bison, beef liver or sliced sirloin, frozen veggies and an egg or two, plus a little vinegar, and a rotation of oils. May toss in a few shrimp too and some avocado and lots of basil or parsley.


Haha, well, there are other odds that are more fun to play.