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One Marine Takes on Cops with His Words


My vote for Captain America Award goes to this guy.


Awesome, that guy really told those cops, all standing around looking tough, not hurting anyone...


Give him four years and he will be a cop.


Was that ironic?

Because he did tell them.

Personally, I welcome everything and everyone that makes the servants of the Man question their point of view.


I thought Professor X lived in Texas


When I clicked on this article I expected to see one marine take on thirty police officers. All I saw was one asshole yell at a bunch of cops standing around.

I feel missled.


I must say, this Marine did a fantastic job.
After he showed up, it doesn't look like the cops were hurting civilians any more.
Great success!


Self righteous asshole imo. As I understand it, the theme of this protest is anti-corporate power. Their motto is "We are the 99%".

Last time I checked, cops aren't raking in millions every year in salary. They're wearing riot gear because people in groups do stupid things. The rioters in England a few months back didn't have guns either, but that didn't stop them from totally fucking shit up. Guys are just following orders they had no part in giving.

Plus, does he realize who he's preaching to? A bunch of fucking NYC cops. Some of them probably rushed into the WTC on 9/11. Most of them probably know a fellow cop who was killed.

Everybody is going to praise this guy like he said something great just because he's a Marine and he served in Iraq. All gratitude to him for that, but otherwise he can shut the fuck up.


lol, at my school/city he'd have been tazed/shot/killed for that. Sadly that isn't an exaggeration either.


No, why don't you shut the fuck up?

He has every right to his say as you do.




What makes you think some guy who is clearly out of his fucking mind and making false accusations would make them "question their point of view?"


Now I'm really confused. Does Overstand have right to his say, or should he "shut the fuck up"?


lol @ telling someone expressing their opinion to shut up, for criticizing someone else expressing an "opinion?" Weak.

Video was dumb.


He has his right to say what he wants.

I am just tired of people being told to "shut the fuck up" for having a differing opinion.

I shouldn't have lowered myself to his level, but I was simply trying to make the obvious point.

Self-righteous asshole calling another person a self-righteous asshole.


See post above. The weak part was the self-righteous asshole rant.

I really can't believe that this has to be spelled out.


^^^ I didn't mean to imply that he's not entitled to an opinion. Perhaps I should have written that he can go fuck himself instead.


That would have been better, but not by much.

It is impossible to have a civil discord when we are telling each other to 'shut the fuck up' or 'go fuck yourself'.

I know that the internet is not the place for civility, but we can at least make an attempt.


Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am.

So, do you have an opinion on the topic or are you just here to police the internet?