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'One Man One Barbell' Program at 24 Fitness? Fat Loss?

Hi All,

I’m feeling lost trying to figure out a program to follow. Never really followed one, mainly just a different body part a day 6 days a week. I like to lift heavy and do olympic lifts.

I tried 20 rep squat program but lifting 3 days isnt enough and it’s a bulking program.

How is OMOB for fat loss? Is it possible to do at a 24 hour fitness? I can’t find a copy of the program anywhere to get an idea.

5/3/1 is also possible or Tactical Barbell.

Edit: I’m 38 in two months. 5’5 160 and like to lose 15lbs maybe 20lb. Not sure my bf but have a thicker build, used to be a fat kid around 200-lbs up until 18.

What is OMOD? I might have a link I found on Reddit that has several programs by big and small names that you normally might have to pay for…

focus on your eating and some type of condition work for fat loss… use the weight training to either build or maintain strength and muscle during fat loss.

Since the OMOB guy never explains what exactly the One Man One Barbell program is, I can’t say if it’s suitable for 24 Hour Fitness.

Fat loss comes from caloric deficit.