One Lift A Day?

Has ANYONE on this site has actually ran something like this for a lengthy bit of time?

Just interested to hear from people who’ve ran it for an extended period of time.

The only person that I can even think of that does something even resembling this is @ActivitiesGuy.

I never ran the Dan John “One Life A Day” to the letter, but it’s absolutely true that this article played a role in shaping how I train.

I think it’s a great simple program for someone that wants to cut the bullshit for a few weeks and simplify things.

With that said, you’ve changed programs like five times this year, dude (maybe even five times this month). You’re super enthusiastic and it seems like you generally put good work in, so nobody really takes you to task for it, but why bother jackin’ around with all these different programs if you’re never actually going to stick to one?

If you want to do 1LAD, then by all means, go for it, but actually commit to doing it.

Otherwise, you’re still just “training” - you’re not doing any specific program.

(Which is fine - I haven’t stuck to a specific program for a long time, and I’m doing okay)


Oh man I’m not changing ANY program now lol. I’m 3 weeks in, so I got 49 more weeks to go before I change it! I promised myself that.

This post was more for just gathering data lol. Always curious about different training styles and how it affects individuals differently.

I agree with this 100%. I think I just like “training” in general more than programs and all that. I like the feeling of putting in a good training session whether it’s 8 exercises or 1 lol.

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