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One Lift A Day, Right Program for Me?

I’m getting back into lifting… again.

For the last month or so I have been just kind of messing around with a “program” that I threw together around a couple big lifts that I enjoyed each day, with a few accessory movements. One day is overhead squat and bench press day, the other day is deadlift and pull down day. I do three days a week, alternating between days.

Anyway, after another week or two I want to switch to a more well thought out program. My primary goal is strength, but I am hoping to gradually lose weight too. I will be eating roughly maintenance level calories (or slightly above maintenance) on a low carb diet.

I am not trying to avoid muscle growth, it just is not my current main goal.

I had been thinking about the German Volume Training program. I’ve used that before with some good results, but I think that may be wrong for someone not really “bulking”.

Maybe the One Lift a Day program would suit me better? I have used it before too and enjoyed the simple format. Decent results.

If you notice, there are incredible similarities between Poloquin’s German Volume Training and his German Body Comp training. This is funny, because the former is theoretically for bulking, and the latter for cutting.

Ten sets of big exercises with little rest works for both.

Dan John’s OLAD is also a good workout.

You should see good results with either one.

I appreciate the input Otep.

I think I am going to go with the OLAD since it seems to be a good mid point between the low-mid volume workout I have been doing and the high volume workout that GVT would be. After the OLAD though I’ll tackle the GVT without hesitation since you make a good point about it being very similar to Poliquin’s fat loss program.

Thanks a lot.