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One Lift a Day Program


Wassup yall, My buddy turned me on to Dan Jons one lift a day program, and im gonna test it out for at least 3 months to see how my body responds. I started thursday just to see how it felt, and after 7 sets of incline bench i was prety sore. i am a powerlifter in the raw 198lb class trying to get down to the 181lbs class as I am down to 184 lbs. My best lifts are a 625 squat, 290 bench and 630 deadlift. My main goal is to get stronger and get a little more mass in my arms. Any construstive criticism is welcome!

Thursday-Incline Bench
185x5 (4 sets)
205x5 (3sets)

Friday-Push Press
135x5 (2 sets)
155x5 (5 sets)

405x5 (2 sets)
455x5 (3 sets)

Im going to do a full week of 7 sets of 5 before i go to 6 sets of 3. Deadlifts and pushpresses were tough tho i felt great afterwards...need to go heavier on the bench


Today tried out the reverse grip bench press...felt really good. Can feel it in the triceps, just make sure you have a GREAT spotter. Tomorrow is barbell rows with an underhand grip.

225x5 (4 sets)