One Lift a Day Program?

Has anyone tried Dan John’s One Lift a Day Program or something like it while also training in MMA/BJJ/Boxing/etc? Personally, I am wrestling (lots of live) 4-5 days a week right now. Its the off season for wrestling, but that still means plenty of competitions and training. I am starting to structure my strength/power program, and this program caught my attention. Very unique compared to other programs, yet incredible simple.


I do like lower reps during off season. I am still wrestling for Freestyle (only two days per week however), but whenever I did lower reps, I never had problems during the actual wrestling. My point is that this would be pretty good in getting stronger while not completely killing you as you will have plenty of recovery time.

Thats what I was thinking. I’m debating between this and something along the lines of Madcow 5x5.

5/3/1 has been a good program for me as an amatuer boxer. theres alot of room to play with it to fit your needs in terms of recovery and volume.

great program if you want to make steady gains in strength on the big lifts and have the juice left over for whatever sport-specific drills/training/conditioning that you need for your activity of choice.

for example, when i was still a competitive HG thrower, i did a similar program, though at the time i had never heard of Dan John before. I would do footwork drills, sled conditioning,get 20-30 throws in with a couple of different implements, then pick a movement like cleans, squats, jerks, deads, ect. do a bunch of heavy sets, then more sled conditioning and thats it.

I’m using 5/3/1 right now and it’s real good about making gains while in in-season.

I wrestle, do MMA, and train for like 6 days a week and still being able to make gains.