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One Life Is Enough

Well been F-ing around lately (no actually for a while now)
Thought this will hold me accountable for something in my life
Seeing as though I’ve been sucked into a whirlpool in life recently

As best as memory serves PRs from a lifetime that mean nothing now are

Bench 200
Squat 245
Deadlift 405

Heaviest I’ve been 180

I remember I was making decent gains on 5/3/1
Ended up hurting my lower back and then just faded from there
This was 1.5-2 years ago
(note to self I wasn’t doing any core work at all, ever)

Just really need to get my (head out my ass) as someone put it to me recently
No more F-ing around (literally) keep all my limps in my pants, why
Because (at least for me)

  1. Too tired/ drained to workout afterwards
  2. Its draining mentally/ spiritually/ emotionally
  3. Basically I get to caught up in it
  4. I have other areas of my life/ of me that need development
  5. I got to get back to “doing me” . . . no more looking out for others, and by others its mainly females, (you ain’t married yet, you ain’t got children yet (daughters) or at least I hope not, your momma can take care of herself), so no females for you to look after yet son
    and if just going out and having some “fun” interferes with your morals, values, etc. then DON’T F-ing do it, its that simple son

Now go lift, eat, and hit the books

Will eventually write stuff along that I remember from prior training
But for now
Been doing Neanderthal No More, decided to do that because I happened to pull/ strain something while doing barbell incline bench about a month ago, had a swollen armpit, (never ever have I done barbell incline bench, though I regularly used to do 90lb dumbbell incline bench, whenever that was)
Anyways I thought why not start with a pre hab program and build from there, having also done a cressey program before which I liked

3-10-11 (this is the 2nd week of the program)

A1 and A2 were done during warm up
B1 (feeler sets/ warm ups)
wt x sets x reps
bar x 6
25 x 6
45 x 6
working sets
55 x 6 x 8
B2 it band stretches
C1 barbell step ups
bar x 5
working sets
25 x 3 x 5*
*yeah it should have been 10 reps (which I did last week/ 1st week of this program with just the bar) but I could really feel it in my obliques and my core while performing this, maybe I used a little to much weight, or maybe I was a big Pus, I choose to go with the later
D1 dead bug twists
D2 side hip thrusts


A1 Pronated Medium Grip Row
Working sets
90x10 (dropped weight down so I could really squeeze at top, was able to do 105 decently last week, but may I wasn’t able to get now because maybe I was fasting)
A2 Pec stretch 15 seconds
B1 Face Pulls
60x3x12 held at the top for count of 2, as so I’m not using momentum to finish reps
B2 30x4x12 (could have used more weight, but wanted to take it nice and easy since this was the first time doing them, wasn’t able to get to them last week) and I haven’t done this movement in . . . forever?
C1 Rear Delt Fly
Low Pulley External Rotations
Dip Shrugs
Should I say I used bodyweight x3x15
D Had to run and didn’t get to the High-to-Low Cable Woodchops

I guess I just don’t want to rush into things and push it real hard and end up taking 2 steps back instead of taking one forward

Hmmm where should I begin
Went in to do the third day twice, the first time the gym was busy/ packed but at least I got to foam roll
The second time decided to just jump right in with warm up weights and was half way through the first triset when stepping off the t row machine/ platform i F-ing rolled my ankle
That happened Saturday morning, got home iced in for most of the day, was done icing it by evening time, kept in elevated through out the night, could stand on it the next morning, been hobbling around on it all of Sunday, not keeping it elevated any more, wrapped it last night before bed, unwrapped it half way through the night, woke up this morning with the foot hurting right at the spot where the pedal pulse is, slowly put foot down, can still tolerate weight, hmmm strange? because there was pain this morning, now will put some tiger balm on it and wrap it up, was also doing some dorsiflexion yesterday, foot comes up about 2 inches and plantar flexion/ extension 1 inch, so 3 inches of ROM down and up, compared to the other foot which goes a good 7 inches from plantar to dorsi

Since the last post have been able to walk around on it, there is a dull pain there still but it seems to subside when I take pain killers, have been trying to take motrin 800 mg every 4 hours, but I get around to every 5-6 hours, been doing extension and flexion with the, been wanting to do toe raises, but as usual I’m a puss, and don’t want to push it
But I did go in and do some pulling work on Wednesday late at night after ummmm . . . lets just say I F-ed up, I’ll know what I’m taking about


A) Neutral grip pull ups
B) Pull downs (have not down these in years)
90x3x8 tried bring bar to mid chest and hold to count of 2
C) Reverse pec dec machine
40x3x10 focused on holding contraction for count of 2
D) Inverse rows
bwx15,12,10 row was to chest
E) Neutral close grip pull downs to chest
90x4x10 contraction held for count of 2

Let me also include nutrition
Got done around 3, nothing open at that time, I think I just missed the taco truck, Jack in the box had nothing I wanted to eat, and couldn’t find one (actually that’s BS on my part), anyways found a 7 eleven got 2 string cheeses, a bag of Doritos, a 16oz Monster low carb, a muscle milk, and now I remember why I wanted to go to 7 eleven, because I wanted a taquito (sp?) but none of them had any at the time, yes I went to 3 of them

Wow its been a while
And now I remember why I had stopped posting, the damn internet ate two of my last posts
= /
Anyways I should write down anything training wise here
For example went in last Wednesday for ART/ adjustment, Dr. worked on left shoulder (seems like I had an AC joint issue/pain after getting rear ended by someone a few months ago, x rays came back negative, as if x rays would be helpful, but the signs and symptoms sure suggested a 1st or 2nd degree AC joint “tear”) and right groin (I guess I pulled it somehow)

Will be going in again today
I have been doing some light pre/re hab work e.i. wall slides, YTLs, external rotations, core work, foam rolling, mobility
Have not been lifting heavy or even moderate weights for a while due to arm being in sling for 2-3 weeks and then just taking it easy
And I still got to ease back into it
= (

Left shoulder is sore, feels “hyper-mobile” hurts to raise arm to overhead or even abduct to 90 degrees
Yet the Dr. wants me to come back for more treatment, hell naw

Last week my groin was feeling it for a day or 2 afterwards but my shoulder didn’t feel this “bad” last time, also it wasn’t as painful this time when he was working on groin
Will take is easy and not do anything today, that means absolutely nothing, expect maybe go for a walk (well I’m thinking about it)

Funny how going for a walk would have been laughed at by me a few years back, amazing how we “learn” and adapt
But I’ve heard walking is a great recovery tool and a form of GPP, which obliviously I’m lacking

What better way to satisfy the “fitness enthusiast” inside me, because no wall slides or bird-dogs today
Been thinking about it and I guess my shoulder lacks stability now since it has been “moved around”/ adjusted, I think I’ll address that first when I get back to the gym, hopefully in a few days

Ok I’m back at it again, (this is hopefully a notebook that I can look back on very now and then)
So I’m taking the day off, feeling sore and this is the first time I’ve felt sore in a long time, felt sore yesterday after the lower body workout and feeling sore today after the upper body workout from yesterday.
= )
Which reminds me I need to keep fucking track of my protein intake (that is all that matters now)
That shall be the whole purpose of this log
Protein intake goal: 175 grams + - 25
Never drop below 150 grams/ day