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One-Legged Wrestler: Unfair Advantage?


Not politically correct but is it an unfair advantage for one legged wrestler??? I never wrestled but it seems like much of the match can be done low to the ground. Is it possible that it's the undefeated one legged wrestler that has the advantage? Since he's missing a leg he can have significantly more upper body mass which would make him much stronger. Also, there are less holds to use since you would have a hell of a time trying to grab one leg.


I found both of my legs very useful in wrestling.

I would shoot take downs on a one legged wrestler all day.

Its the no limbed wrestler you really have to worry about.


I lolled when the kid picked neutral after the first period. You had to look at your coach for that one?


I keep forgetting how impressive that guy is

and there was the mma fight of course.

But for serious, any weight advantage I think you give up in lack of limb advantage.

How much does a leg weigh? 30 lbs? I routinely practiced with guys 30 lbs heavier and lighter than me. It comes down to skill and tenacity not weight.



It's not fair because it would take away my go to move... The double leg take down


Wait why is he undefeated? Do you have a specific case in mind?

Anyway I think the one legged wrestler is at the greatest disadvantage because he will be unstable on that one leg.

The other guys I posted at least had stable bases when they were in their neutral or standing position.

Once it gets down on the mat being able to dig in both those toes would still be useful in turning somebody but I could see how the weight would be helpful too.


and there aren't really that many holds on the legs that I can recall. Cradle I guess but you could still cradle with the one leg.

There is the concept of riding legs, something that I never did and is kind of rare IMO, while some moves would be eliminated I think there are still moves you could hit from that riding position.

And I see what you did there Greg.


Was to heavy to wrestle any of those guys, I just figured I would pick 'em and put them on their back.


Anthony Robles, undefeated this year, Number 2 in the country. 125 lbs weight class, claim to bench 365 I believe. I don't know if I see too many 125lb wrestlers benching that. In many of his fights his stability is based on his knee and feet on the mat.


I would like to see more footage of his wrestling. He looked like a beast but I just cant imagine him being effective from a standing position.

I guess setting up a shot on him is harder because 125 guys with a leg aren't going to be real threat to grapple with him. Im gonna try and find more on him now.

Bottom line hes a crazy good athlete. A lot of people that only have one leg cant wrestle for shit I imagine, just like a lot of guys with two legs.


It helps his mobility and escapes a lot and doesn't really seem to hinder him any. Might be an advantage.

He loses the match tho.


In my experience it is 100% not an advantage, but i have legs so what do i count for lol. Wrestling all comes from the legs and hips and arms are just handles really. We have a wrestler in my city that has no legs and the guy is a tank and massive but gets worked by anyone even decent just because there are so many things you can do that he cannot stop due to not having the levers. Also speaking in terms of freestyle, in folkstyle it probably wouldnt be as bad.

....also i totally didnt know robbles only had one leg, only seen shots of him from the waist up. That is amazing.


Riding legs has become very popular of late. I don't see why, mainly because I am bad at it and I hate it when people do it to me.


I can see having no legs as an overall disadvantage, but having one ads a whole different advantage. As Eli said it changes your escapability, and to counter your argument he still has a lever to pin you. Now he's only cut down to 3 limbs but if he can enhance those 3 to peak strength at his weight class he will have 3 limbs stronger than yours. His last advantage is, to fight him you have to fight his style.


Yes I kept forgetting to mention he was only undefeated for the past season.