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One-Legged Romanian Deadlift


The other day I did 5 sets of 6 reps on the one-legged romanian deadlift with as much weight I could handle. It felt the same as 20 rep breathing squats. If it feels the same does that mean it's doing the same thing in the case of muscle and strength growth. If anybody can help that would be good.


what do you mean "feels the same?" It's a completely different exercise...


No it does not mean that.

However that is a very challenging exercise.

Try doing max good mornings, or max deadlifts in the 20 rep squat format.


no it is a different exersize. why would you wanna do a 1 legged romanian deadlift?


The same reason a person would do a one legged squat or any other unilateral movement.


I usually have the hardest time balancing myself. If you swing your other leg back while you're doing the movement, it creates a big stretch in the hammy. I get ultra sore after doing some of these.


This is what I meant. I get sore about same as I do when I do 20 rep breathing squats. I know it doesn't strengthen the same muscles. What I meant is the release of growth hormone.


the release of GH is definitely less.


Why would you want to deadlift a one-legged romanian?