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one legged deadlift

I?ve been trying to do BW one legged deadlifts. However I cant seems to do any correctly. My problem is a) I seem to be to far forward on my foot and b) once the emphasis of the movements moves from my quads to my hams I just drop as I don?t seem to have adequate ham strength.(I?m only feeling the movement in my quads.) Does anyone have some suggestions or do I need to work on my hams and flexibility 1st and then come back to these.

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One legged DL

key - bend only at the hip. move your butt steadily backwords as u bend.bend slowly and othe control. if u r doing it right, your head will be only slightly forward from directly above your foot at the bottom position.
now contract those glutes(did I say it’s my favorite body part?) and drive that pelvis forward - and your up!

when you mastered that u can add a knee bend at the end of the hip bend

hope this helps


Do what you can now, and work on increasing the ROM, it should come with time. With a simple search you can find dozen of exercises to improve your hammies. Christian T’s “painful 7” is a good start. Also check out Ian King’s Limping phase 1, the second leg workout is build around unilateral hip dominant movements.

I tried this for the first time yesterday and had similar problems…thanks for the info.