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One Leg Working Harder Than The Other?


Anyone else ever get this?

Strangely, I've never gotten this sensation (if you can call it that) before in all the years that I've been working out.

I suppose it COULD be that the right leg has somehow gotten less strong than my left, and when I'm lifting, it doesn't really give out any sooner or show any signs of actually BEING weaker, but it just FEELS like it's working harder than my left.


I just wanna bump this up again...maybe see if anyone's been through this themeselves or to at least see if it's a normal thing after a long layoff.

I just worked legs yesterday for the first time in about a year and half, and my right leg was REALLY getting worked, even though I was concentrating on putting equal effort into both legs. I noticed the difference both in leg extensions and leg presses.

I'm thinking, that next time I do legs, I'll test the strength of each leg by doing the leg extensions one legged and see if the poundages and reps vary.

If it IS a case of the right leg being weaker, I'd sure be curious about HOW that could happen..

Any constructive or knowledgeable feedback is appreciated.


I'm not sure this will help you, but I started lifting again after a motorcycle accident and having my left leg immobilized for a while. I could definitely tell a difference between the two while lifting. All I really did to correct it was to make sure I was putting equal pressure on both heels while squatting (by feel) and by using at least one unilateral movement per leg session. I was surprised how well it worked. My legs were NEVER the same size until after couple months of doing this.


I have also felt this. My right leg was getting more worked than my left. Like Jay said, make sure you are putting equal pressure on each leg and a unilateral exercise helps too.


Cool, so it'll eventually even itself out, then...