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One Leg Stronger than the Other/Hip Pain

Hello coach,

I’ve been noticing lately in the last couple months when back squatting I can feel that my right leg is doing more of the work and pushing up most of the weight. I feel like my body has a tendency to shift to the right when I come out of the hole as well. It has been causing me hip pain mainly in my right hip flexors and causing my knees to get inflamed and causing some pain in my left knee. I’ve been doing some hip flexor stretches everyday and is still bothering me and I am still leaning to the right when I squat.

I’m 6’2’’ and have long legs and arms and my natural leverages definitely suit me better for deadlifting than squatting if that matters at all which I assume it doesn’t. Just trying to provide as much info as possible. It almost feels like my right leg is shorter than my left and is starting to bother me in my everyday life.

Have you had any athletes in the past do this and if so how did you correct it?

Thank you coach.

Actually I tend to do the same thing. My natural tendency is to shift to my right leg.

What helped was changing my squat technique. I used to the very quads dominant and would squat straight down, breaking at the knees first. My left hip flexor often felt a twinge and I shifted to the right side instinctively.

I widened my stance a bit and focused on rooting/digging/screwing my feet into the floor (trying to rotate them out) and initiated the eccentric by breaking at the hips first while continuing to screw my feet into the floor.

This morning I did 495lbs on the safety squat bar without any shift.

I also recommend strengthening your glutes.

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Hello sir Thibaudeau!

Having the same problem and have stopped bilateral excersice completely and focus on unilateral. My left hip sits higher and the same leg is smaller/weaker.

Which excersice would you recommend?

Currently split squat/leg press, leg curl, single leg romanian and single leg hip thrust/bridge.

tried this today and it has helped. I definitely have a strength imbalance in my left leg. Would hammering my left leg with unilateral exercises help this or letting my left leg control the movement more when squatting work better?