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One Leg Sore After Lower Body Workout?


I need a scientific explanation about why my left quad is generally more sore than right after leq workouts? By the way im lefty ( both hand and leg ) and my right leg is bigger and more defined than my left.


You are better at activating that quad so it gets worked harder. work on activating your other quad. Also could be a titlted hip or structural imbalance like that


what exercises do you do and do you get an equal pump in both legs while training?




Sounds like you should either read this article below or incorperate single leg movements.



what should i do to activate my right quad?


the pump in my left leg is %10 more than my right while training. i filmed myself squatting from the rear, front and side but i couldnt notice anything in my form.


Single leg eccentric squats or the above mentioned article. Should eliminate alot of imbalances......

This article is pretty good 2.



I had/have the same issue. I go to the chiro to get spinal and hip adjustments and do additional work for my left leg on a day other than my usual leg day.