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One Leg Shorter Than Other

So after a couple years of nagging injuries, I finally went to the chiropractor a couple weeks ago. X-rays showed that my right leg is 1/4 inch shorter than my left so it’s throwing my back completely out of alignment. A couple weeks of adjustments and my back is feeling about 100%.

However, I still have nagging pain in my right hip flexor, and, to a lesser degree, my right knee.

Anyone have any ideas of corrective exercises I can do to help? Or am I just going to have to rely on custom orthotics forever?

That small amount of difference is not reliably measurable with a single X-ray. It does mean the difference is probably in the range of 0 to 1/2 inch. 1/2 inch doesn’t normally cause a problem, but it could. I have about 1/2 inch difference and it has never caused any problems, and I’m in my late 40s. I only tried a corrective lift for a short time when I was a kid. You can easily see that my lower back muscles on one side are more developed that the other though.

Your issues may be unrelated to leg length difference.

Did the chiro determine whether it was a functional or structural deficit? Each would be treated differently and have different prognosis.