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One last time---Warrior Diet

I have been reading all the previous posts about this diet, and I think you know how I feel about it as far as effectiveness. HOWEVER, being that I started school again, I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there who is still following Ori’s Warrior Diet and how the hell they made it work for them? Eating frequently works well for me, but any college student knows how much of a pain in the ass it is to eat 6 meals a day…so the Warrior Diet really appealed to me in the past. Didn’t work all that great, but just wondering if there’s a few people who have figured out how to make it work? Anyone?


Hey there Maclar! I’m one of those guys who still pratices the warrior diet and it works wonders for me. I’ve been on it for a year and a half and no only has it helped me stay lean but my strength and muscle mass have gone up. I weigh 172 at 7% BF. The diet has also sharpened my reflexes, focus and mental strengh.I don’t do it as extreme as Ori recommended, but close. I follow more the testosterone version which is to have Glutamine at 9am followed by 1scp of advanced protein at 12noon, and one at 3pm followed by a workout at 6pm. Then 2scps of surge at 7pm and then just splurge at 8pm and everyhour until 10:30pm. Sometimes I have more protein throughout the day depending on how I feel. Remember its all about instincts. Listen to your body on hoe much protein to have throughout the day.

T-Warrior, thanks bro…I’ve been talking to someone else as well, and he says that he drinks juices throughout the day time, go figure. And the diet works great for him too, he’s ripped and pretty muscular. I guess the whole thing is undereating, not necessarily fasting completely? And then overeating in the evenining. I’m going to give the diet another try, this time incorporating some juices and/or protein shakes during the day…

I have been following the Warrior Diet for close to 2 years and love it.