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one last thing for Coach Davies

First let me say thank you for taking the time to respond to all my questions. I have one more then I will try to leave you alone for awhile. Since I addressed you originally regarding my goals(athletic peformance and fat loss) I wanted to get your stamp of approval on routine that I have come up with. I have come up with a six week program using a four day split. The four days will consist of two upper body days and two lower body days. The days will be further broken down into two dynamic days and two days of maximal(submaximal) work. The format will very similar to your “fat to fire” routine. Two exercises will be superset then I will rest and move to another superset and so on then I will repeat the entire cycle. Each exercise will consist of 5 sets and all reps will fall between 3-6 using the CAT technique or done explosively. Here is what is looks like.
Day 1(upper body-dynamic)
A1) explosive push-ups 5x3-5
A2) push press 5x3-5
B1) hang pulls 5x3-5
B2) close grip incline bench 5x3-5
C1) close chin ups 5x3-5
C2) woodchoppers 5x3-5
Day 2(lower body maximal)
A1) deadlifts 5x3-5
A2) dynamic lunge with BB 5x4-6
B1) one legged squats 5x3-5
B2) good mornings 5x4-6
C1) negative accentuated calf raise 5x4-6
C2) hanging leg raise(feet to bar)5x3-5
Day 3-GPP
Day 4(upper body maximal)
A1) bench press 5x4-6
A2) seated cable row 5x4-6
B1) side press 5x3-5
B2) sternum pullups 5x3-5
C1) dips 5x4-6
C2) cuban press 5x3-4
Day 5(lower body dynamic)
A1) hang cleans 5x3-5
A2) jump squats 5x3-5
B1) DB snatches 5x4-6
B2) glute ham raises 5x3-5
C1) calf raise(explosively)5x4-6
C2) swiss ball crunches5x4-6
What to recommend I change or is the program ok or does it suck? Thanks