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One Last Cycle?

I have 2 bottles of Mag-10 left and I want to make them count. I have noticed that when using Mag-10 most of my gains come in the first 7 days. So here is my question, should I go with the traditional method - 1 dose for 2 weeks, 2 weeks off, then a second cycle? or 1.5 doses for 10 days, 10 days off and then a second 10 day cycle?

I have not used Mag-10 in about 8 months but it is a great product and I’m going to miss it. Thanx.


Dont know if this helps but I will give my recomendation.

I also found great gains during the first week with Mag 10, and other PH’s that contain some type of 4AD, but most of it was the initial water gain that comes with these products in that time. They actually pack on the water weight at first, you cant get around it totally.

The real gains seem to come during the longer cycles. After 2 weeks.

Have you tried/considered running one longer cycle with the 2 bottles @ regular dosing. This is what I would suggest. I four week run. This is what I have reacted to the best atleast.

Just make sure to double up on the lenght of you PCT also. Running it for the same four weeks or longer, and possibly starting it @ a higher dose than usual and then taper down in the end. So if you are using the M/Tribex combo you might go with 1.5 of the usual dose for week 1 of post cycle then two weeks @ regular dose, then half dose the last week.

Just something to consider.

Of your plans I would say the 2 on 2 off would be the best. Simply due to the longer time on straight.