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One huge shot

Ok this may sound stupid to you, and it is, but I need to finish up my roid supply and fast. Let me give you a little background. I have been on for 2 months now, gaining great. But I have been depressed as shit for the last 3 or 4 weeks. I mean I cry at everthing, I get offended easily, and I am very short with people. Currently I am on winnie, equ, T-Cyp. I have 1 full bottle + 1 bottle -8cc of winnie, equ. I probably have 10-12 cc left and T-cyp probably 6 cc left.
I am ready to get off b/c I have never been depressed before, and I know it has got to be the roid. SO can I load all this shit into a few shots and just take the rest of this stuff. What side effects should I expect if I do? I am going to see a shrink on Mon. and get anti-depres. so should I just stick it out and keep on my schedual? HELP!!!

Naw man just send the shit to me and I will get rid of it for you.Why risk any more further problems.

I think you should get off and take your clomid if you haven’t started already.

Give it to a friend and see a shrink. There are underlying problems you are trying to cover up here. You need to deal with them in the absence of drugs. I am against antidepresents, they only cover things up too. Time to put the feet in the fire deal with the problems and put them behind you for good.

Stop all AAS use, take 300mgs of clomid and then 50mgs a day there after until your T has recovered, and don’t be afraid to take anti-depressants as your neurochemical status is definitely outta wack.