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One Hour/Week In The Weight Room


Inspired by Charles Poloquin's article answering a similar question I opened this topic.

I am a football player and propose this although some of you might laugh:

Set 1: 135 lbs 5 Reps
Set 2: 225 lbs 5 Reps
Set 3: 315 lbs 5 Reps

Set 4: 135 lbs 5 Reps
Set 5: 225 lbs 5 Reps
Set 6: 315 lbs 5 Reps

Set 7: 135 lbs 5 Reps
Set 8: 225 lbs 5 Reps
Set 9: 315 lbs 5 Reps

Set 10: 135 lbs 3 Reps

Power Clean
Set 11: 225 lbs 5 Reps

Split Jerk
Set 12: 315 lbs 4 Reps (alternate which foot forward each rep)


Once a week...more time for mobility and football specific training the rest of the week...simple...if you miss a rep just move to the next set...assuming people will most likely miss set 12 for a while I still put it in there because I think to at least hold and jump into a split with this weight is still valuable even if the press is only 3 inches range of motion at first...thoughts?


I think it's strange that you would use the exact same weights for DL, Bench and Squat.

And only 1 day/week? Even for maintenance I'd probably go 2 days. Just doesn't seem like the best program to me.


Also, you have the most complex movements at the end when you will be most fatigued, might be best to have them earlier in the workout.


I was thinking:

1.) deadlift light to warm up core and shoulders...
2.) bench for good form while fresh...
3.) squat light to warm up for olympic lifts...
4.) snatch set light to get ready to use explosiveness...
5.) power clean set to explode with power...
6.) split jerk for max power output...

Edit: maybe in response to your suggestion how about?

Sunday: 1, 2, and 3
Thursady: 4, 5, and 6


that's why I went light with the deadlift and squats...

but maybe I stand corrected now...

point noted...


that I guess is the problem with working out once per week, you will be making quite a few compromises.


Train three times a week. Your program blows and will not produce results. Why are you only training once a week?


I am pretty sure you won't see much size and/or strength gains, if any training one day per week.

Football players need to lift more than that even if it is during season.

Do you have a strength coach? What level of football player are we talking about here?


Don't know why you are quoting Poliquin as your inspiration, don't think he would be very impressed with your interpretation of his thoughts.

That said what everyone else has said, plus I would never swap feet on jerks. lunges yes but not jerks. They should be reflex and as you get tired with them do you want to be thinking left, now right.

If you had to train just once a week for a while your problem becomes that you must train that hard to maintain, you will find followup up training the next few days for other sports very compromised.


I was doing my cornerback drills 5 days a week and trying to lose upper body size from october to december...

I was using something similar to this weightroom program above only sunday as my only weight room activity...

this workout showed slight improvement on all lifts but I think it was because the cornerback drills also increased strength and other athletic qualities...

not sure...


I've had strength coaches many times before...

but this thing was my idea as an experiment as no man or team or coach would force this program on others...


Poliquin could probably write a 40 page dissertation making fun of me and my program if he saw it...

I am not trying to get the verbal smack down...

but it was my best attempt...


Dude. Lift three days a week. I work for a D-1 strength program and even in-season we lift 3 days a week. It seems to work fine as we are in a BCS bowl game.

If you want to save your legs, alternate light and med-heavy on squats every week. Break this stuff up into 3 days. It's stupid to try to do 6 big lifts on one day. pick two for each day and bust ass.


for someone who is deadlifting 315 lbs, do you have any idea of the kind of forces a 315lb split jerk for reps is? i say person is injured and weaker within a month

i'm just saying....-you said this is your best attempt, but you know it is flawed through and through....why wouldnt you fix or completely change it rather before posting...since you said you dont want to get flamed for it?


I am a strength and conditioning intern at a school playing in BCS game. I mostly work with the developmental team; but if I remember right, our travel squad lifts twice per week in season.


I am a strength and conditioning intern at a school playing in BCS game. I mostly work with the developmental team; but if I remember right, our travel squad lifts twice per week in season.


I actually think we are playin you guys lol. I am at Bama, I assume you're at Utah?


I am at Utah. It should be a fun game.


I heard Florida does my program...

just joking! sorry...I couldn't resist joking about this game...you guys are awesome...it could have easily been your team by 20...


LOL I KNEW someone was gonna say something like that. Tough break, we just didn't capitalize in the 4th quarter.