One HcG Shot Raised Test?

Just had a quick question regarding an HCG shot

I was given an HCG shot (1000iu, he just wanted to get me started in the office)at around 12pm Tuesday and received a blood test the next day at 9am. What is the chances of that single HCG shot raising my test from 300 from last week to 503 to this most recent blood test? Does HCG act that quickly in the body to do so? ( it was received IM not SubQ)

Thank you

I’m no expert and can only relate my personal experience. I would feel HCG within hours and definitely see the difference next morning, wood etc or perhaps even a night time wood that woke me up.
Definite clearer thought as well, as those things are all down to increased test, I would say yes.

It’s a very fast acting compound that attaches to the receptors in your Testes. No surprise there.