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One (half) Day Arm Cure - Final Report

Happy Thanksgiving and Seasoned Greasings!

Here I am with the final report of the results from my second application of the one day arm cure. Actually, as I previously reported, it was a half day - 3.5 hours to be precise.

And the final result: a gain of 1/4 inch 10 days after the workout.

Not as much of a gain (1/2 inch) as the first time I did it. But it was only half of the program as well so…

Supplements I was on at the time: Nandrosol - 70 sprays, twice a day. Creatine - 5 grams, twice a day. Tribex-500 - 5 caps, twice a day. Glutamine - 15 grams pre and post workout.

My weight has gone from 175lbs on Sept 9 to 198lbs on Nov 22 (10 weeks). Bodyfat has stayed stable at 6mm on the suprailiac, ~10%. So with the help of Androsol, Nandrosol, Creatine, Massive Eating, and Tribex-500 I have gained 23 lbs - 21.7lbs of lean mass and 2.3lbs of fat. Not too shabby if I may be so bold.

Out of all the supps I've tried I got the best results from Androsol and Creatine, and better with both together as compared to each separately.

Thats all for now folks. Have a happy, pie-hole-filling Thanksgiving.

Congratulations on the impressive muscle gains. The one-day arm cure has always been controversial. One question–do you think your overall gain of 21.7 lbs of muscle may have caused your upper arms to grow, regardless of the arm cure?

I did the one-day arm cure over the summer (about 3/4 of it). I was extremely happy about gaining 1/2 inch within a few days after. The only problem was that my arms just felt really weird after a week or so (once the soreness was already gone). When playing basketball, and my shot felt like I had half the arm strength that I used to have, even though my arms weren’t sore anymore. I went back to my normal training, but within 2-3 weeks, my arms shrank back to the size they were before I did the one-day arm cure. I bet it’s partly because my arms were already one of my better developed areas

Those are basically all the same supplements I am taking and I too am noticing great results. However i changed a few things after week 1 and i have a few questions for you. first, why are u taking tribex 500 while on with androsol? tribex is for post recovery of natural T levels. and secondly, a few people told me to take creatine after the androsol to keep the andro gains, so after the first week i laid off the creatine, but i think i’ll start again (i also ran out of it!). and last, how long did u cycle the andro? and do u cycle the creatine or do u always take that constantly? thanx.

Ron, So at 198# whats you’re new arm measurement (flexed, cold)?

bumping up…please answer!

Hi - Sorry for the delay in responding. I was out of town working for a couple of days…

VMAN - Short Answer - No. On the day that I did the odac I was 195.2 lbs. The 0.5" gain showed up within ~4 days at which point I weighed 197.2 lbs. Actually I suppose the question is: would my arms have grown the 0.5" regardless of which arm program I did. The only way to accurately answer that would be to clone me and my program and have one of me do the odac and the other do something else (ie my usual arm routine). Tough to do, but if someone wants to fund it… :wink:

Scott H. - How much cardio were you doing in addition to bodybuilding (re: basketball)? That too could have had a negative effect on your arms recovery. I currently do NO cardio. As for strength - my feels great!

Kilabeez - I was taking Tribex-500 at the same time as Nandrosol (not Androsol) 'cuz I am crazy. I figured that Nandrosol, according to Bill R or someone like him, does not work via conversion to testosterone. Tribex-500 supposedly works by increasing LH which leads to increased testosterone. So why not have both working for me, eh? I believe they are not the in the same Class either (T is class 1 and the Nandro is class 2 if I am not mistaken. Thus they would not compete for the same receptors. Correct me if I am wrong, please.)

Creatine - again I figured that it would only enhance the action of increased T and Nor-Andro. A theory of CM supplementation is that it increases the anabolic potential of muscle cells by increasing their water content. So add that to the increased anabolic environment from higher levels of T and Nor-andro.... Boom! :-)

Andro - I cycle it two weeks on, 4+ weeks off (depending on finances…). This time I did andro for 2 weeks then took 3 weeks off then did a cycle of nandro for 2 weeks.

CM Cycle - This I cycled 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off, 3 weeks on.

Lipo - Today, Nov 26, at a weight of 193.5 lbs my arms are 15.5" flexed cold (in the morning, after I poop ‘n pee…kiddin’ :wink: )

And FINALLY, for complete clarity here is the supplement cycle that I did from Sept 9 to Nov 23ish:

Weeks 1-4 : CM, 20 grams/day for week 1 and 10 grams/day for wks 2 - 4 Results: Start Wgt=172, End of 4th wk: 184

Weeks 5-6 : Androsol, 70 sprays 2x/day. Results: Start Wgt=184, End of 6th wk: 189lbs

Weeks 7-8 : Tribex-500 only.
Results: Start Wgt=189, End Wgt: 189

Weeks 9-10 : Add Nandrosol, 70x2; Add CM, 5grams x 2
Results: Start Wgt=189, End Wgt: 198

Week 11 : Stop Nandrosol, continue Tribex and CM
Results: Start Wgt=198, End Wgt: 198.

Week 12 : (this week) End CM and Tribex. Add some fat burners. Change diet to cut down carbs (50Pro, 30Fat, 20 Carbs).
Results: Start Wgt=193.5. Obviously loss of water from carb and CM depletion. Yet the arms are not shrunken (yet…).

I'll do this for either 1 or 2 weeks depending on my pyscological situation. You know - mood changes, energy levels, etc. Then I'll do a cycle of CM + Androsol + Tribex since I got such nice results from the CM + Nandrosol + Tribex. Or I may substitute Mag-10 for the Androsol. But that depends on $ and whether or not I can get it (I'm a Canuck...)

Okay! This has been long but hopefully I’ve been able to answer some of your questions.

Now it is time for fun - workout and a movie with the girlfriend. Have a good night gentlemen.