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Nov 25th

Ok here was what I was planning on doing for today
Incline Smith Press 145pd,100pd(on bar)
BTN Smith Press 90pd.60pd(on bar)
Dips +45pd, +10pd
Pullups (explain later)
Drag Rack Deads 295pd, 255pd

Here’s the situation: I went down home for thanksgiving so i’m working out at a different gym. It quickly became apparent to me how working out at the same gym can make things a lot easier for certain exercises to progress on.

The smith here is obviously counterweighted differently than the one I used up at my university because the weights I was expecting to hit were muuuch to heavy for the rep range, and the worst part is that the smith was very old and obviously worn, and didn’t have a sticker on it that says how it is counterweighted (if at all) so it’s not like i could make an accurate adjustment.
Also, it turns out my gym here lost their dip belt, and haven’t replaced it, so the weighted dips went out the window. This is what wound up happening.

Incline Smith Press 145pd(on bar)x4reps,
90pdx12-7-3 (rest pausish, just trying to get some stimulation in.

BTN Smith Press 90pd,60pd(on bar) 6r,14r

Dip Machine 140pd,130pd 10r, 13r

Pullups +10pd, bdywght 8r,9r

Drag Rack Deads 295pd,255pd 8r, 13r

Post workout notes: Because of the nature of the triceps exercise, I put off stretching chest till after dips. The only reason why I was able to set PRs in the BTN Smith Overhead Press is because I decided before this workout that I wanted to restrict the range of motion on my shoulders to just below halfway where it because more triceps.

All my shoulder rotation exercises are presses so I wanted to leave my triceps fresh. So the smith here was different, heavier, but I technically set PRs because the previous rotation I went full ROM with the shoulder press.

Well weighted dips were out, so i used the dip machine, but this gets weird because the weight I can use is heavy enough that I can’t get all the way down to the seat even when I put all my weight on it, so that was weird, and might’ve been the reason why I obviously didn’t reach true muscular failure on the first set since I only had to drop 10 pounds to get my second set quota.

Pullups, I’m just going to do bodyweight from now on and have them progress by adding reps, because I’m heavier now than I was last rotation and it’ll make progress strange any other way due to weight fluctuation.

The highlight of the workout was drag rack deads where I broke PRs quite well.

Previous bests were 275pdx8, 245pdx10

This time I went 295pdx8, 255pdx13r

Hanging weighted stretches were out the window without a dip belt, so I just stretched while pulling on a power rack, and did a very low good morning for my lower back stretch.

My next workout will be affected because my gym will be closed on thanksgiving, and it’s planned on thursday, but i might drive around to find another gym that is hopefully open. It might be alittle different because I have smith front squats, but oh well, we’ll see.

Just can’t wait till I get back to my old gym at the university.

Just played Left 4 Dead today, pretty good game to play with friends, but it has absolutely nooo story. It gets old pretty quick because of that. You just go from safe room to safe room repetitively killing, as fun as that is, without any storyline or intrigue. Something just to rent and have fun with.

But I also tried out Mirror’s Edge on 360, now thaaaat’s an addicting game. The fact that I used to do a bit of freerunning before, brought me to this game, but it is just fun as hell to play. Flowing is an art in real life, in the game where the character is superhuman in ability and courage, it becomes ridiculous. The fighting is hard, but it’s realistic. Going up against SWAT team members with your fists and them with their guns should be difficult.

I also bought a psychology book today, planning on perhaps finishing it before thanksgiving’s over, I don’t have it right in front of me but it’s basically about Darwinism and the evolution of moral tendencies.

Today went well.

Wide BB Curls 1x6-8, 1x10-13 75pd,60pd 7r,11r
Reverse BB Curls 2x15-20 50pds
Leg Press Calve Raise 4x12(pause at bottom) 360pd
Smith Front Squat/Leg Press 1x6-8, 1x20 130pd(on bar), 320pd 8r,20r

Sumo Leg Press 1x6-8, 1x10-13 360pd,330pd 10r, 11r

Previous PRs:
70pd,55pd 6r,10r
45pd 2x15-20r
385pd 4x15r (but I didn’t pause at bottom)
140pd(on bar), 310pd 8r, 20r
340pd, 310pd 8r, 12r

I think I found a Smith close to the one I have back at my home gym, so I played safe to try it out.

I went for a 10pd PR if it was the same, if it was counterweighted less, it would be, technically, a larger PR and much more difficult to do. I think it’s the same because I was able to get the same reps with a fairly hard set, not completely all out, so in context it looks good, because normally I would’ve tried for a 20pd PR, rep or death.

I’m going to have to use this gym when I come down for Christmas vacation, so it’s looking good that I found a similar Smith machine…but I still have that disadvantage without a dip belt for some exercise and stretches which sucks big time, but I guess I’ll have to switch out Dips and Hanging Stretches.

Nov 30

DB bench Press got messed up, 2 things happened, I forgot instead of my standard 6-8 and 10-13 rep ranges, I want to have 10-13 15-18 for my db exercises so i upped the weight when i forgot. Well I wanted:

Flat DB Press 1x10-13, 1x15-18

but wound up doing

Flat Db Press 1x6r, 1x6r, 1x3r 80,70,70pds

Then the rest went as planned, set PRs in all of them.

Reverse Machine Press 1x6-8, 1x10-13 90pd, 70pd 8r, 13r
Smith Close Grip BP 130pd(on bar), 90pd 8r, 13r
BTN Pulldown 137.5pd, 112.5pd 9r, 13r
(Smith) Pendlay Rows 110pd, 75pd 8r, 12r

previous best.
Rev machine Press 80x7, 50x13
Smith Close Grip Bench Press 110(on bar)x9, 70x14
BTN Pulldown 120x9, 100x14
(Smith) Pendlay Rows 90x9, 60x14

Big Time PRs!!! =)))

Dec 2

Hammer Curls 1x6-8, 1x10-13 40pd,35pd 8r, 11r

Thinking about bumping up the rep range like my other db exercises, it’s very hard to progress, but they still are PRs.

1-arm Reverse Cable curls 2x15-20 35pd
Seated Calve Raise 4x12 70pd
Leg Press/ hack Squat 1x6-8, 1x15-20 380pd,100pd 9r, 20r
SLDL 1x6-8, 1x10-13 285pd, 245pd 6r, 10r

Calves didn’t cramp up this time, previously they had been cramping up during the seated raises and made it difficult to progress, but didn’t cramp up this time so good sign. More PRs!!

Previous PRs
Hammer Curls 40x7, 30x15r
1-arm Rev Curls 30pd
Seated Calve Raise 70pd 4x12
SLDL 265x8 225x13
Leg Press/hack squat 300x6, 90x16

Another note is that in the previous workout, I had hamstrings before quads. Definitely a bad idea, after the SLDLs and the stretching, I was completely wasted for the quads, and i think stretching the hams, weakened them to a great degree which greatly affected the strength possible in the quad exercises.

Good PRs!! =))))

Yo yo! Hyped up from caffeine, gonna go workout in 30 minutes and set some PRs.

Wish me luck, naw j/k i don’t really care if you do, gonna set PRs anyway whooooo!

AWwwww yeah

Seated machine BP 1x6-8, 1x10-13 l 140pd, 100pd, 5r, 12r
Seated DB Overhead Press 1x10-13, 1x15-18 l 45pd, 35pd 15r, 18r
Reverse Smith DC Tri Press 1x6-8, 1x10-13 l 130pd(on bar), 100pd 7r, 13r
Pulley Row High Pulls 1x6-8, 1x10-13 l 110pd, 80pd 10r, 14r
Mach Chest-Supp Row 1x6-8, 1x10-13 l 140pd, 105pd 10r, 17r

All PRs, except for the first exercise, I overguessed a little bit and missed my rep range by 1. I don’t know what happened on my last set of the day, I just found this second wind and totally slaughtered the rep range.

Previous PRs were,
120pd, 90pd 10r, 13r
45pd, 35pd 11r, 15r
110(on bar), 80 9r, 15r
90pd, 70pd 11r, 13r
100pd, 90pd 13r, 15r

Basically the log book is my bitch and i can do whatever i want with it.

Dec 6
Close Grip EZ Curls 1x6-8, 1x10-13 80pd, 60pd 7r, 13r
Heavy Barbell Holds 4sets 185pd
Calve Machine 4x12 90pd
Bottom Half Hyper Extensions 1x6-8, 1x10-13 80pd, 80pd 11r, 10r
Hack Squat/Leg Press 1x6-8, 1x15-20 180pd, 330pd 3r, 20r

I realized on hyper extensions that I was bouncing too much, which would make progression suspect. So on the second set, I held a pause of 1-2 seconds at the bottom, so it was a much better set. Didn’t make the rep range on hack sqauts but I was still able to get a PR on the widowmaker set. But overall, energy levels were pretty shitty for the day.

Gonna get my workout for the day in about 30-40 minutes

Oh and I set PRs on all movements besides hack squat

Dec 9

Incline Smith Press 1x6-8, 1x10-13 150pd(on bar), 110pd 4r, 14r
BTN Smith Press gotta take it out. Burned out on it or something.
Weighted Dips 1x6-8, 1x10-13 50pd, 20pd 9r, 14r
Pullups 2xFail 11r, 6r
Drag Rack Deads 1x6-8, 1x10-13 315pd, 275pd 6r, 10r

Came up short on the Incline Press, I seem to have real trouble setting PRs and hitting the rep ranges on my first exercise of the day, but it seems to be getting better. I think I just have to start getting used to getting into that rep-or-death frame of mind earlier in the workout, and also possibly work on my warm up.

I think it’s an art, like meditation, that you have to work on to get better at getting into that mentality, but I seem to be able to get into it earlier and earlier with every workout.

The behind the neck presses are going to have to be switched out. Not only did they feel like total shit, but I couldn’t get a single rep out. It just really felt like my shoulders were in a precarious position and my body didn’t want to produce force for fear of fucking something up, so I’m going to switch them out for something else next time.

Pulled 3 plates for that rep range for the first time!! Man it felt good to be able to rep that out on the drag rack deads. Well, I mean it didn’t feeel good, it felt like hell, but afterwards I felt a great feeling of accomplishment…and lightheadedness.

Previous PRs
Incline Smith Press 125pdx9r, 110pdx7r
Dips 35pdx9r, bodyweightx12r
Pullups 10pdx9r, bodyweightx12r (granted I’m heavier now)
Drag Rack Deads 295pdx8r, 255pdx13r

Gonna work on workout density for a while.

Smith Front Squat 120pds(on bar) 5x5, 1x4, 29r
Hyperextensions 80pds 29r

One Legged Leg Press 90pds 5x5, 25r
SLDL 225pds 25r

Seated Calve Machine 90pds 6x5 30r

First two antagonistic pairings are done in 15 minute intervals, the last exercise is 5 minutes long.

Gonna try to keep up with this again. Currently I’m trying to bring my squat up because I think it’s pretty weak so I decided to come up with this plan where i’m squatting 3-4 times a week. It goes like this.

Push Day
Squat (heavy)
Then the rest of the push workout…

Pull Day
Squat (moderate)
Then the rest of pull workout…

Leg Day
Squat (light)
Then the rest of leg workout…

Heavy days are warm up sets then 3x1-4 reps
Medium days are warm up sets then 3x6-10 reps
Light days are warm up sets then 3x12-15 reps

K cool.

Push Day

Back Squat 3x1-4 225pds +20pd
Db Bench Press 3x6-8 70pds +10pd
DB Sh Press 3x7-9 50pds +10pd
Straight-Arm Pullover 3x5-8 70pd
Gonna switch em out for weighted dips next time (1-5r)
These next exercises are drop-set style for their respective muscles.

Machine Flyes 1x70pd, 1x50pd, 1x30pd
Stretch chest
Machine Side Raises 1x90pd, 1x70pd, 1x50pd
Stretch Shoulders
Rope Pressdowns 1x110pd, 1x90pd, 1x70pd
Stretch Triceps
Hanging Leg Raises (pullup bar) 2xfailure

And I’m done =)

Let’s see if I can actually keep this updated.

Did some sprints right now.

10x40 yards.


Back Squat 3x6-9 205pds
Dumbell Rows 3x5 100pds (I’ve maxed out the DBs at my gym need new exercise)
Weighted Pullups 3x1-4 25pds
Machine Horizontal Rows 130,110,90pd drop set
Pulldowns 120, 100, 80pds drop set
Stretch Back
Barbell Curls 1-4 85pds -5pds
Hammer Curls 40, 35, 30pds drop set
Stretch Biceps

Back Squat 3x12-15reps 155pds
Leg Press 3x4-6 320pds +10pds
Good Mornings 3x4-6 135pd +10pd
Calves 2x12 150pd

Overall, shitty day today, energy wise because of crash studying and a chem test. So went just kind of in and out of the gym today for legs. Next time will be better.

10x60 yards

My hamstrings were sore from yesterdays workout…bout the only thing that did get sore. If doing the sprints relieves the soreness and allows me to workout tomorrow, i’m definitely going to do them more often. If so, it will even more solidify my belief at how far off overtraining really is…

Back Squat 3x6-9 205pds +10
Pendley rows 3x3-5 205pds
Weighted Pullups 3x3-5 25pds
machine Horiz Rows 130 110 90(drop set) +10
Pulldowns 120 100 80(drop set)
(stretch back)
Barbell Curls 3x3-5 80pd +5
Hammer Curls 40 35 30(drop set)
(stretch biceps)


Sprints 6x80

Back Squat 2x12-15 155pd
Leg Press 3x4-6 330pd +10pd
Good Morning 3x4-6 145pd +10pd
Hack Squats 3x10 90pd +10pd
(stretch quads)
Seated Leg Curl 3x10 60pd +10pd
(stretch hams)
Standing Calf Press 2x12 120pd (must’ve put the wrong weight last leg day)
Db Curl 2x10 3x5 30pd

Legs are shaking ha. Good day.