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One Gram of Fish Oil Per Body Fat % Using Flameout


If I have 19% body fat, and therefore wanted to take roughly 19 grams of fish oil for a fat loss diet, how many 1 gram capsules would I have to add to one serving of Flameout? I remember reading a factor of 2.5 somewhere for Flameout, so wouldn't it be one serving of Flameout (2.5*4=10) plus 9 capsules a day? What is the correct factor?


In your case I would go for 6 caps/day of Flameout


THanks, but for economics sake, I'm limiting myself to 4 capsules of Flameout plus regular BJ's 1000mg capsules. How many of the capsules should I then take in addition to the 4 capsules?


It's probably more economical to just take six Flameout.

Unless you're looking for anti-inflammation effects, I've never read anything suggesting more than that will do any good.

After that, you're basically just paying for greasy shit.


Might be more economical to have a serving of trout, sardines, or salmon several times per week.


Actually, this was suggested by CT to John Rominello(sp?). John put it in one of his articles and said it works great for getting rid of bodyfat.