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One Good Democrat?




Did that guy at the end say something like "I thought we were discussing financial reform?" Rofl.


I also noticed the D next to his name and was pleasantly surprised.


It is nice to see Grayson finally doing something productive for his country.


It figures you'd pick out possibly the stupidest congressman in Washington for praise.


At least he is smart enough to know when he is being conned.


That's just it--he's not.

He's clueless.


The power of your arguments leaves me speechless.


I've asked asked before, and didn't get an answer...

Ryan what makes you an ANARCHO-socialist? Shouldn't you be supportive of this guy, instead of attacking him?


It's already been established that you do not know what you are talking about.

Your one sentence arguments are truly mindnumbing.


Isn't this the guy who told people that the Republicans' idea of health care was to die quickly?


Not sure. I just hope he understands that socialism will quickly die without the Fed printing money and buying toxic assets. Tax revenue will not be enough to maintain Leviathan.

As far as I know he is not in the camp of ending the Fed, he just wants to audit it....we'll see.

And by the way, all of you small government, federal-republican types whom participate in the forums should want the Fed to go away precisely because it is the only entity responsible for government growing to the behemoth it has become.


Just goes to show - even a raving lunatic like him can have a great idea every once in a while . .

sign me up for the end of the Fed!




You're right Ryan! he is clueless, which is exactly his point. The Fed does whatever they want with your money and answers to nobody. How do you support that? Seeing as you only elaborate upon your POV upon request, please explain to me the pros of the Federal Reserve and how they enhance your quality of life. The Fed is one of the most blatant examples of the constitution being shit on. I don't know much about Grayson, but I support him on this issue.


I have already answered you, I am not an anarcho-anything. I am a communist.


Ah yes, I remember how I demonstrated that I don't know what I'm talking about when I dismantled your ludicrous claim about markets being "natural."


The simple fact, obvious to anyone who cares to open a history book (precious few Libertarians, it seems) is that the Federal Reserve has for the most part been quite successful in stabilizing the capitalist system. The Libertarians, in their religious devotion to the fantasy of a stable, self-regulating market, presume that markets can make no mistakes, and so the Fed is only an undesirable impurity staining the virtuous system of capitalism, a point of view which is completely ahistorical, and makes the establishment of the Fed quite a mystery indeed. From these mistaken assumptions, they proceed to draw ridiculous conclusions.



Dude, can you possibly write any more and at the same time say any less?



How can you be a communist since you don't even know what one is?

If you do now's your chance to prove it, or GTFOO here, already...