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One Goal For Too Long....



To make a long story really short, I've dropped 115lbs in a year. Still at about 18% BF. Im just a skinny fat kid now. Wear a size Medium shirt, and 32inch pants, but I still have a gut and moobs and look like a small version of what I did a year ago.

After a year of dieting, is it time for me to pack on some muscle mass before taking off anymore fat? I dont want to overdo it, but I want to finally go the beach without a shirt this summer.



Have you been weight training for the year as well? If not I would suggest starting to lift and raising your calories up from your dieting levels. If you were training perhaps it's time to change up your routine. It really depends on whether or not you're still making progress and your overall goals. Do you think you'll look better at the beach with bigger muscles or a tighter midsection?

Without more info/pics it's hard to give you advice but I think I would start building up some muscle mass. I assume you're lifting since you're posting here but if not... get started, you won't regret the choice.



Yea, Ive been lifting the whole time. Started pretty basic with Abs Diet program, kept building on that. I'd be happy to throw up some pics, promse not to laugh. Basically, Ive noticed certain parts of me getting more defined/larger/more dense (my arms and legs) but my midsection and chest while getting harder and slighty larger, have not drawn up the way the rest of my body has.



Are you still doing the Abs Diet workout? Because if so I'd recommend ditching it in favor of one of the proven programs here; CW's TBT is pretty solid. I just finished it.

The Abs Diet workout is pretty tame and not going to do much as far as putting muscle on you with 2 sets of 10 reps on every exercise and 5 sets of ab exercises.



I guess I didnt specify....Im not on the Abs Diet program anymore. This was a rough progression of what I did...

Abs Diet (3x10 instead of 2)
12 Week Fatloss (from ABCbodybuilding)
RR&D 2.0 (For about a month)
Body for Life
Waterbury 10X3/Fat Loss
Current: Waterbury Total Training

As you can probably tell, I dont stay with a program too long. Abs diet got boring, and time consuming. No results from the ABC program. RR&D 2.0 was great, but I couldnt lift everyday, so I had to change. Body for Life begged for more, so I went to ABSolution and after a couple months of that I felt like I wasnt seeing/feeling results anymore.

So I moved to 10x3/Fatloss and am kind of in limbo right now. I like Total Training but Im not 100% sure about how it works yet...

Anymore help is great appreciated...Spring Break is 1.5 months away, and I desperately want to be confident enough then to take my shirt off, and if not be them certainly by late April.



i'm not familiar with the programs you mentioned, i don't follow any dieting trends. are they aerobic? those type of programs tend to be from what i have seen, again this is an uneducated guess. i would suggest some heavy wieght with high reps. it is tough but if you have been traing for a year with minimal muscle gain you will need to change your routine.

congadulations on your awesome progress so far. if you really start to bulk up you can go with the excuse that your not ready to cut yet:)i have used that one before.eat allot of protein easy on the carbs, your body might slip into fat store mode because of the fat you have lost. remember muscle burns fat, once you get the muscle growing it will help you with your remaing fat stores, that and of course eat clean.you sound like you are definately on the right track.


I'm a big fan of big muscles so I say start to bulk. However, in your case if you mentally fell like your back pendling by putting on weight then by all means continue to cut. Or you could continue to cut and show off all of your hard work this summer(you earned it). It's just a matter of preference.

Good luck whatever you decide.