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One Giant Set for Shoulders


The best (and shortest) shoulder training session I've ever had, please post your best delt efforts as of, whatever, recently.

4 giant sets of 12-6 reps of:
Bent over rows
Upright rows
DB flyes standing
Militairy press.

I used less weight than normally, anticipating that it will be tough. For maximum efficiency, organize all your shit around one bench. Over in 12 minutes, one hell of a burn all over the area.


From CT's training video with Prof- I combined their Strength and hypertrophy programs into 1 session. Delts were the most ridiculously pumped ive ever experienced.


I'm a big fan of Joe DeFranco's shoulder shocker thrown in just about all of my workouts, haha, I can just never resist throwing it in, even on leg day, it's almost addictive.

I also love using the Standing Calf Raise as an Overhead Press.
Hooray for innovation!


^This x2


That's good stuff!

In the spirit of those videos, I cut down rest periods last shoulders' day. Was ridiculous!


i love doing a circuit for shoulders after doing my heavy overhead pressing. i typically do standing military press working up to a heavy triple or something similiar. then i move onto a neutral grip overhead press with either the swiss bar or dumbells. i then move to a circuit with no rest between movements. i like to pick movements that put more emphasis on the medial and posterior heads of the shoulder since most pressing is anterior dominate. below is a typical circuit. reps are usually around 20 per movement.

standing lateral raises
face pulls
upright rows
dumbell cleans


I'm a big fan of doing a giant set or circuit after my main movement as well, and it usually will look something like this:
Pressing movement x 8-15 reps
Lateral Variation x 8-15 reps
Machine Laterals/Front Raises x 15-25

I usually will do bradford presses or BTN presses for the first movement. Rest between the whole set usually is 30 seconds or so, and I increase the weight 5-10 lb each set with the presses or choose another exercise to progress on and go until that exercise fails, then I drop the weight and pump out one giant set with higher reps. Crushes my shoulders every time.


One thing i've been doing recently with lateral raises and rear delt flies is doing a normal set for 10-20 reps, resting 10 seconds, doing a few more reps, rest 10 sec, do more reps, repeat until you physically can't move shoulder anymore. I've noticed you can go on for a long time like this, as i did my usual 20 rep max with lateral raises for 175 reps.

What do you all think of this?


hss-100 for shoulders

or mountain dog. I like the heavy weight, high rep partials for the lateral raises.

I also like the arnold press for 8 to 10 reps.


Sounds like a nasty "shock" technique. I'd probably do it like once every 3rd delt workout or so.

I've also really been enjoying mountain dog style workouts and shorter rest periods for shoulders. Really seems to be paying off. Delts don't seem like such a glaring weakness for me anymore.


You got to 175 reps with only 10 seconds between these mini-sets?? How long did that take and are you doing 1-2 reps per set near the end?


It went kinda like this:

25x20+10+8+8+8+8+8+8+7+7+7+7+7+6+6+6+6+6+6+5+5+5+5+5+4+4+3+2+2 Just keep on going until you can't move your arm anymore haha

It took about 8 minutes, but my delts just kept on going and felt like they were gonna explode.
At first i thought i would only get about 50 total reps, but after a few breaks i just got immediately used to it.

You might get a different number depending on alot of factors like training style, fiber makeup etc...

*I would do this at the end of a shoulder workout for either lateral raises or rear delts.


That's an interesting approach deadliftgoal. It makes me wonder, what would happen if you combined that with doing a drop set?


Shrug work, then
Db lateral raise 3 sets
Single arm rear delt raise 3 sets and a 4th extra light set at the end with good form
Front delt raises 3 sets
Machine lateral raises 3 sets, last set to failure


I literlly JUST copied this link for another thread so I'll just drop it in here too FWIW