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One Full Year of HRT and Here is Where I Am


49 Year Old male here. I had my initial blood work done October of 2010. My Total Testosterone was 271. I had all the usual symptoms:
- Weight gain.
- Lack of energy.
- Low libido.

I started Androgel that week. I had my Doc up the dose to the highest level. By November (almost 30 days after starting) my levels were up to 625.

I hated the Androgel. It felt like shit, stunk and gave me headaches. I also had to worry about transfer to my wife. I don't think that she's appreciate getting billy goat hairs on her chin.

I had a Dermatologist friend write me a custom compound from a specialty pharmacy in Tennessee. It was 3 mg T2 in 30 ml of Propylene Glycol. I take 4-6 drops/BID. By December 2010 my Total testosterone was: 1463.

I felt great. Weight back to normal, sex great etc...

Now, one year later, my Total Testosterone tested at off the charts. It seems that Labcorp's test can only register up to 1500. Mine was listed as 1500+. I am guilty of occasionally squirting out a bit more of the testosterone that I needed. Well, it shows. So I am backing my dosage down a bit but making sure that I stick to BID dosage.

Frankly, this was the best thing I have ever done for my health... Now to get my LDL down below 100.

I am eternally grateful to everyone on this board. This has been some of the best advice i have ever seen on the subject.

Much Thanks.



Can you explain this 3mg T2 in propylene glycol? This is an oral administration? What is T2?
Are you using an AI and hcg?



I'd be curious about the solution as well. Interesting.

Good to hear you're doing well for yourself man.