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One for the Reblicans


If you think health care reform is important



Dude, the site says the requirements of the story are to be personal, specific, and concise. What have you ever read in PWI that makes you think any of us are capable of that?


I am hoping for some of the people that never comment:)


Will they be interested in hearing about my experiences with a nationalized health care?

I doubt it.


I doubt it, you should move to America and they may be interested


But wouldn´t they want to know before implementing a multi trillion dollar programm?


Awesomeness Borrek!


What's a Reblican?


A Replicant Republican, AKA Harrison Ford.


A Republican without pubes, obviously.


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cool story bro




at 4;30 in the Am what do you expect


Only stories of misery and pain with the current system need apply.


That'll do it


I loled.


No, because it's not about health. It's about power. Every single calorie they burn is about creating is much centralized dependence as possible. The heart rending tragedy is watching so many cowardly weaklings not only surrender to it, but embrace it. The exact utter diametric opposite of what this country was founded to be and what made it great.


But are you not tempted even a little bit, every now and then, to get up on the stage and bullshit with the best of them?

I know I am.

Since it all goes to hell anyway, why not live the high life and get laid at the sheeples expense?


I've thought about this and more lately. I'm very close to the conclusion that human nature being what it is free societies like ours once was cannot last. Liberty and prosperity, which are 2 sides of the same coin, in a large populous quickly leads to complacency which leads to corruption which leads to disaster which leads to panic which leads to the surrender to tyranny on the promise of salvation. This time by design at the hands of the very ideology that inflicted the disaster.

This could not be possibly be any more excruciatingly plainer. The fact that the character of this country has fallen so far as to not recognize wolves even in wolves clothing is producing the most tragic, but predictable chapter in the history of nations.