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One For Edgy



but if it were so, there would be a whole chicken, along with a dozen of them eggs cooking!


I just finally saw this.

Oh my


^rite? this girl id built like you likes them~


Yes, very, very, very much so.
Well you have met the wife so you know, cause she is built like that.


Well, you don't say! CANADA, aye?




Hi Derek




you guys are stinking up my thread


we discovered Canada, then got the fuck out.

there are some things even a Viking wouldnt hit~







But... but, DebraD is Canadian!

(Sorry to objectify you to make a point, Deb. Respect.)


If a man looks at a women, the same areas of his brain light up that would if he was operating a tool.

Just saying.

Apologize for objectifying and an apology for owning balls comes next, for arguably, your brain is more important than your balls.


My genes are viking related I am sure of it.

Original Britons ran to scotland, ireland and wales or the sarrrf of England.

We here in the north are a different breed for good reasons.



You were genetically selected for alcohol tolerance.




And it explains why our beer is best in ze world.

After all that rape and pillaging we needed a bit of down time.