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One For Edgy


I think I just had an organism~


Sorry, but I just wanted to give Edgy something to conquer. Should I delete the post? Don't want to trash the thread...

Edit: Opps...too late!


ID I'll make it up to you:

There, back on track. This is REAL Viking stuff.


thanks Cuso - it's like I never left Iceland~

and the first vid? i've watched it 20 time today - damn, son~


Well I know I'm not supposed to derail the thread, but as it is for you and as you liked the vid so much, I'll give you another one which is truly remarkable:

PS: Be sure to watch it till the end!

Look mom, NO HANDS!


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not quite, Chushie my eternal freind and confidant.

I believe in coating a woman in my dna, multiple coats, if necassary.


Is that one of your women?

Because that would be a lot of coat.


Not to mention he seems to like round women. Hey, at least she has a hole.



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I'm right here!

I can hear you all talking aboot me~



Yea but you will forget in about 10 minutes anyway


Poor Edgy.

Such disrespect in a thread dedicated to him!


You're right ID.

Picture for Ed's favorite sport



Then I'll show my respect.



(Post inspired by the Ct Rockula car thread)


Thanks Dwarfie - you luck fuck!


mares eat oats and does eat oats, and little boys eat ivy~


New cookware for Edgy's lair!