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One For Edgy


GAWGous, Dwarfie!

you know how to cheer me up!



Backatcha, big guy!



Vikings! Heros of romance novels by kidnapping women!


some call it kidnapping and rape, others call it luv and affekshun~



If you die in battle with alcoholism do you still get to go to Valhalla?

Thanks in advance.



She look's horny!


dear Ambugaton,

thank you for your question, as this is the challenge in these days of corporate offices and working in cubicles......

to answer your question, according to the gods, a battle is a battle, and as long as you die in battle - with a sword in hand - then the Valkaries will escort you into the gates of Asagard, and you will be accepted into the great hall of Valhalla.

thanks again for checking with the Viking hotline -


Good deal. I hear you guys have a goat that gives beer from its teat. Worth fighting for to me.


Yep. And here's the goat.


Okay the feet are just to much.


What feet?


Went down to look up skirt and saw the feet, sorry to close to when I lived on a farm.


Well I worked on 2 dairy farms in my teens, and a nice set of tits NEVER reminded me of a set of teats!



Hillbilly's are a little different ID.



Wait... why do I hear banjos whenever you post?