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One Eyed Jack of Diamonds (CL)

What do you think for the trap bar for deads? I have never used one? How does it compare to regular deads?

:musical_score:Grandma Got Run Over By Reindeer!:musical_score:

:rofl: I love it!

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I like it! It’s my favorite toy. I can definitely pull more with it than conventional deads. Highly recommend. Just a good overall exercise in my opinion. Doesn’t seem to cause as much stress on the CNS so recovery isn’t usually an issue. Use for carries, and rows also… I just have a cheapo from amazon, because I will never need to put 700 lbs on it, but it has held up well. The handles are like cheese graters though, so I taped them.to keep it from.ripping my calluses off.


Nailed it!

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Most have music in the gym. You have cricket serenating you. That’s great.

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The poor crickets were crying for help from the mosquitoes packing them off! Winter won’t be here a minute too soon for me.
This tropical depression needs to getbon down the road. Can one die of humidity? Asking for a friend.


Living in the Philippines as I often do where the “winter” humidity is around 80% I say no you won’t die from it…

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My Kansas native wife thinks so. Normally in low 90% range here.


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It’s been 98% for days now., I am sending it your way. The cold front is supposed to be here tomorrow . Thank God!


What works best for you would be another response on the Hex/Trap vs straight DL bar…

I’m also on the hex, and now back up to my previous best lifts from 6yrs ago with more capacity to increase it - and no nagging glute/lower back twinges (compared to my previous efforts on straight bar DL).

Sorry for derail here @ChickenLittle

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Just thinking about this makes me shudder with horror.

Well, you do have a different perspective than most “normal” folks when it comes to what can kill…


No worries. It’s pretty difficult to derail this trainwreck. This thread is always open for discussions for everything but politics.


I agree, talk about parrot vermin is strictly out.


Come on cold front! It’s shitty out there.

A bunch with the bar various grips
0x1/100 stuck in the same old place

Pin press
A bunch a 70

Incline bp
Several sets with a bar

Pathetic :fearful:


Sorry you didn’t hit your bench press goal. Why is it that some numbers are just so damn hard to get? Grrr.

Maybe just skip over 100 as a goal. Screw that number. Let 105 be the goal!


Oh no!! sorry to hear

THis was my bench for 5 years…

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Shit, I know what that’s like.

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Making an attempt is never pathetic. We’re suppose to get a 20F difference tomorrow. Not out of the 60s. It might sound strange for someone living in the PI part time but I love cool/cold weather.


It seems like you put in weeks of solid work with Max Weight holds and steadily building volume from like 5 x 1 to 5 x 5 or something?

Maybe you’ve built up some fatigue with all that steady, strong work and now you’re just “testing” before you’re fully recovered. Like you’re messing up the timing of your Peak.

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That is definitely that last work I would ever pick to describe you Miss chicken.