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One Eyed Jack of Diamonds (CL)

LEGENDARY ! and nice squat PR…

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Thanks OG! It does give me hope!

Wu= some band front raises to try to activate feont delts :rofl:

5x5/70 short paused wide grip

DB incline

Felt like shit last night and struggled through this. The rows and sled will have to wait until tomorrow.


1x2/235 accidental PR!

I hope you did some celebrating. Given that there’s not much celebration happening you need to celebrate this thrice.

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without having to do any searching what’s this all about, seeing it everywhere

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It’s a contest we have held for the last few years from Jan 1 until June 1. At the end we vote and whoever has the best transformation wins. 5 months to build muscle, lose weight, get bigger, leaner, stronger. And there e is a year to year category too. I am planning on winning in 2030 :rofl:

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Feeling somewhat better today so far. Finished yesterday’s session, sort of. We had an awesome rain last night and it’s still drizzling so no sled today. That’s okay, we will have plenty of weather for that later.

Wu= A few BPAs

Pendlay rows

BB row

Lying hammie curls
5x10/ dropset tried to keep constant tension

The Kroc program had the direct hamstring work and I need to adapt this to keep that in.

Some DB front and lat raises in between rows


Wu= some.band crap

Trap bar deload

DB incline
The rest with a 20 for lefty only.
I am finally starting to feel my right front delt working on these. Lefty, not so much. ( must say this in mean school teacher voice)… We will continue with this until everybody gets on board. :angry:
I really feel like my left trap takes over whatever shoulder work is done on the left side. I took the lefty sets to failure and finally started feeling a little bit delt working.

@FlatsFarmer you have any ideas here? How to take the trap out of the mix? Or do I just need to keep working on the MMC?


It sounds like your shoulder is elevating and tension is coming off your mid back and into your upper trap. You know, our ongoing, recurring issue.

To keep your shoulders down so they don’t shrug up and roll forward, get your mid back fired up before the main work. And get your internal shoulder rotation moving smooth so you can lower the bar to your chest without your shoulder coming “up.”

Heres a simple external rotation move for mid back, right on the incline bench.

After that, roll over and lay face up on the incline bench. With that same arm position, rotate your palms down towards the floor. Stretch into that Internal Rotation as you keep your chest up. Think about increasing this ROM so you can lower the barbell to your chest without your shoulders rolling up.

If that’s too much little BS, heres a 600+ pound bencher doing a swinging motion to get the mid back ready.

Maybe you could do like 1 Fat Man Chinup or inverted row before you do a set of incline. Think about pushing your chest towards the bar by squeezing your shoulders together. Hold at the top for a second or two, then lower slowly with that same tightness. Imagine an incline bench in reverse.


Thank you! I will give it try.

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Okay, warmed with the stuff FFarmer suggested.
A few sets of each.

Just no joy

DB incline
5 drop sets

Band lat pulls and tri push downs.

The rain started really coming down so I called it there.


Full body work out


Leave those baby plants alone.

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That’s the last big one. It was a fight to the end.


Deer got in the garden, pulled up some of my beets. He didn’t eat them, mostly wrecked the greens. They weren’t quite ready/big enough yet but I pickled them anyway.

Extended the garden fence a couple of feet and strung two more wires around the top. Hopefully it will discourage anymore munching.


Well… I guess that didn’t work! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So fucking pissed. Now, I have a major project. Hope the bitch is happy. We’ll see see how fun it is when I pepper her ass with some bird shot tonight.

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Okay, training today… not so much. Pissy about the fence, and pissy about this bullshit right here.


I did some light squat stuff. It is squat deload today.
Annnddd… I did some rehab stuff I found online for the uneven shoulder thing I have going. I have fought with this for way too long and what I am doing is making it worse not better. I even broke out the PVC pipe.

It has to be the left being high because that’s the one that’s crunchy under my shoulder blade. Whatever it is, it does it on bench too. Over the years I have made very little progress on upper body lifts. Going to actually make an effort to correct this as much as possible. I know there is some structural damage but not enough to make it obvious during day to day life, only when I am lifting and for a little while afterwards, then it straightens back up.


Lookin good chick, delts are poppin👍

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I am a firm beliver in strong electric fence

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I put one up last year, they trampled it and grounded it out. When I get this put back up, I want to put the electric fence on the outside of this fence.