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One Eyed Cat!


He only survived one day.


I have a one eyed snake.. :wink:


If they put the thing in some enbalming fluid and in a museum I'd pay to see it.


well that cheered me up no end.


Did he have powers similar to those of Cyclops from X-men?


Maybe because I recently turned 37 and age is creeping up on me or just maybe it's because I am an animal lover but that made me very sad. Poor thing.


very weird


That's what "they" want you to think.


Had he survived, and any off spring showed the same trait, I guarantee that "breed" would have sold for millions years down the road.


I heard he could see into the future with that one eye


Is that a real image? I bred cats for a few years, but never encountered such a major deformity. I did see pictures not to long ago of a sort of siamese twin cat, basically a single cat with a second face. Two heads mashed together in the middle. Equally disturbing looking as this little cyclops.

ALthough, the more I'm thinking about it, I'm betting it's photoshoped or something. It looks like it's only a few days old, and kittens eyes don't usually open until right around the 2 week mark. Then again, if it is a true deformity, all the standards probably go out the window.





Great Photoshop!


Crud. Snopes and the AP say it's real.



OK. I'm a big f*cking pussy. And I love cats. So this is sad as hell. Call me an @sshole, but I sometimes care more for animals than people. Animals don't have a moral compass, so they don't know any better. But some people suck. The end.



Hm, if Snopes says it...

It's just: kittens are being born with their eyes closed, and normally they are blue. I'm surprised that this one seems to have a perfectly developed eye so quickly - and so fast after birth. I'm not convinced yet.




Animals don't need a moral compass tho. THere natural instincts take over, especialy when deciding who is a good person and who isn't. Animals know. In certain fields of view this makes animals the most moral of all.



They are also normally born with two eyes - so, why would the other rules seem to apply to a gentic deformity? It is a sad thing when any living creature dies........but it is normally for a reason. In the wild, its parents would have probably killed it as its survival was very marginal to start with.


Whoa that will give me the boogy-woogy
nightmares tonite I can guarantee ya that! I remember some idiot posting
something like this on above top secret
(a site) claiming that this is proof that Greek gods exist lol.


Not disagreeing with you at all, but you do realize that the way most animals mate (especially non-human primates) would probably be described as rape if applied to humans.