One Exercise For Guaranteed Wide Lats


Just another claim that in no way shape or form is ANYWHERE near the truth by this “elite coach”. Show me ANYONE who competes seriously who does this as their main width exercise, this guy keeps on making claims about a great number of things, and who is he, who does he train to claim this?

Like bicep peaks has anything but genetics to do with anything unless using oil…but not him, no…he has a way to undo ALL that:
Biceps Workout: The 5-10-20 Protocol - Bigger Stronger Leaner - Community - T Nation (

I am the asshat getting tired of nonsensical claims in some articles, back in the day you would have had the old schoolers really going after this. Want some variation, a pump, something different…great, go for it, but don’t say it’s something it isn’t. Back in the day things were actually tested scientifically in articles on what was “the best”. (Anyone else remember those? Actually measuring the result…yeah, some eventual PHD who did it for years, wrote here for years, if I remember right)

Unless you’re training guys with HUGE backs, or sporting one yourself, why even post such rhetoric, you’re inviting someone like myself to come in and bring this back to reality.

Write training articles without the hype and unsubstantiated drivel.

Good luck.