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One Eating & One Training Question


I normally make one full serving of Surge and sip it throughout my workout then chug the rest at the end. I know it would be good to drink another full serving about 45 minutes later. My question is how will my dinner and my second serving of Surge effect one another? Something like steak and spinach for instance


What are your thoughts on the bentover T-bar row (palms down) in general and the T-bar row vs. the barbell bent over row



1.) What do you mean by affect each other? Are you asking how to get the best of both? If you fell you need another carb drink 45 minuts later, then add it in, along with a smaller portion of steak and spinache.

2.) A row is a row, differen’t rows hit you differently, depending on you muscle dominances. Most people have the best luck cycling through them, like with all movements. There’s millions of ways to row, all of them good, but you can’t do them all at once. So take a few weeks to progress in each row movement before finding which provide the best stimulus, then eliminate the shit ones, so you only alternate between the better ones.

I’m pretty much with Roy on rowing. If anything T bar rows are easier to keep good form with. Personally I’d get barbell rows down first as it might be a bit harder going from the T bar to the barbell than vice versa, but that’s just an opinion, nothing I’d be too dogmatic about.

i dont know anything about the Surge, im no nutritionist. but as far as the t-bar goes, im quite a fan. i havent done it in a while because the gym i switched to doesnt have one. but since it is a machine (sorta) it allows you to manipulate yourself around pulling planes that would normal be limited by other forces, and therefor allows you to maximize among angles your couldnt meet before.

if you have the option, incorporate the t-bar. but dont replace the bent over rows altogether.

Why wait 45 minutes to drink the second Surge? I believe that you should drink it 45 minutes or earlier after you finish your workout, the earlier the better, then eat your meal an hour later. The Surge should be gone by then.

See the last page of the presentation by Stout at http://www.sportsnutritionsociety.org/site/conf_powerpoint_files.php?id=2
or read Nutrient Timing by John Ivy.