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One Dimensional Trainers


Is it me or does it seem that the more info and research we read, the less creative some trainers are? Funny though, they are the ones walking around talk the most and training their clients the least. It is the same out there. It just digusts me to see people waste their money and time. WE NEED A REVOLT ON THESE TRAINERS.....


Why waste time on the trainers. Read, teach yourself, find out what works and doesn't work and train yourself.


Well, it is in the works for a set standard that trainers must comply with. The exact details are still being worked out, but the industry is moving towards making sure qualified trainers are the ones out there working. Though at this rate it seems to be a few years away IMO.


BTW- I like to talk more than I train people, simply because my job isn't to be a babysitter and count reps. Once I show someone how to do a squat, they don't need me counting to ten.

I'd rather spend more time educating them on various topics as it relates to fitness, so they no longer need me.


Should have expanded...Talk about their personal live and nothing related to fitness or improvement of the client...


ahh ok, now that makes sense.