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One Day with Ronnie


Yesterday I was cutting the grass of my front lawn, minding my own business when a taxi cab stopped in front of my neighbor house. My Neighbor is an old black woman who lives with her cat. She is really funny. A huuuge black guy came out of the car and I was like ''what the fuck''? then I realised It was Ronnie Coleman. I was shocked. Ronnie went inside the house.

Couple of hours later, still stunned, I remembered I had some free gym pass. I said to myself that this opportunity could never happen again. I went knocking at my neighbor door. Mary (the old woman) greeted me in with all her usual kindness. Then I saw Ronnie, went to him and I said ''Hi, I am a big fans of yours and if you want to train to my local gym I got free passes.'' He laughed. He said that He didn't know if the gym would be okay. I said I would move and set his weight for him. He said okay come meet me in 2 hours.

2 hours later we were at gym. The other regular guys were just dazed. You had to see their face. And I was there, setting 5 plates on the bench for him. Unfortunately, the dumbells at my gym don't go above 120lbs and it compromised the quality of his workout. It pissed him off a little bit. After the workout we shaked hands, I thanked him and He left.

Now people at my gym dont look at me the same.


For real??

You better go play the lottery now!


Seriously... if that was Ronnie, the old woman must be a relative. Maybe he visits her regularly.
See where I'm going with this?


pics or it didn't happen!


Thats rediculously sick. Amazing opportunity!


I once went on a date with Clay Aiken, but you don't see ME bragging about it.


Class of 2009?


This happened in Canada? I 2nd the request for pics.


Cool story bro.


Obvious bullshit is obvious




Wow, did ron let you massage oil all over his body too? I bet you would've loved that.
Stop telling us your fantasies you lieing geek homo.


Then he got into his Hummer, did a sick burn out and sped away in his Corvette.


I was surprised when I saw him pulling away in that Dodge.


It really surprised me how he got into the S2000 with such ease.




I was honestly surprised when he got out of the bugatti and ripped out that stop sign.


nice one


Jokes over.