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One Day at a Time


I have been lifting weights for over 5 years following body building splits. I stumbled on Jim’s training methods as I wanted to increase strength ( plus be able to do pull ups ). I purchased 2nd edition and the beyond books this is when my life changed for the better. I sat down and took control ( the fitness industry puts a lot of BS out as well as some good stuff )
Paid for some PT sessions to make sure my DL had good form and my Squats also. Started the 6 week BBB challenge over a 8 day week ( I’m 48 years old needed rest after the 5x 10 squats plus I work 4 on 4 off 12 HR shifts ) By god it worked I felt stronger bigger. Had a few weeks off prior to Xmas ready to start again in january. I haved mapped my year out as Jim states work backwards with your goal lift at the end which will give me my starting weight a little lower than my 90% starting weight but hey at the end of the year I will hit my goal. Crawl before walk walk before run is my motto.

Training starts Monday Press 5 3 1 bench 5 x10 (SS with pull ups in the bench press position)
Lat pull downs upright rows ( this will be trained at home on my new cage and Olympic bar so is limited no dumbbells for kroc rows ) also I aim to hang for as long as possible on the chin up bars varying my grip for 5 sets
531 DL Squats 5x10
Leg curls and extensions walking lunges as extras
Conditioning day
Hill walks runs with my cross chow Huskey dog
Bench 5 3 1 press 5x10
Kroc rows face pulls skull crusher’s
Squats 531 DL 5x10
Good mornings hyper back extensions

The extra work on training days will be of the cuff how I feel after my main lifts but hopefully 2 to3 sets of 10 to 12 reps
Conditioning will be cardio after my lifts 20 to 30 minutes stair climber and treadmill incline jogging walking ( I have a dog that I exercise twice a day morning and evening reviewed my morning walk to very steep hill and steps route approx 1 hour hike )
Also each gym day willl include foam rolling and stretching
Unfortunately my days in work 2 days 2 nights I can not train except on my first night shift as I work 15 to 16 hours including travel time.

Aims in 12 month starting 2 cycles of BBB 6 week challenge then reviewing to maybe just cycling 531 over 4 weeks are
BP 220 now 175
264 now 175
DL 310 now 265
Press starting with Olympic bar
And be able to do pull ups

Yes I’m weak thanks for reading and wish me luck
Cheers Jim
Knowledge shared is knowledge gained knowledge gained is knowledge shared