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One day arm cure

In Poliquin’s article he says some people can gain up to an inch on their arms. He also said (as people have discussed) that you need to put on ~15lbs (I think) of bodyweight to gain an inch on your arms. Something doesn’t add up, and I’d be inclined to believe the 15lbs rule isn’t as steadfast as he makes it out to be in his article and audio interview.

With regards to the arm cure, I tried it several weeks ago and was not happy with the results. I followed Poliquin’s program exactly (rests, tempo, diet, supplements, etc) and after the initial inflammation went down, I ended up with a whopping 1/8" gain.

Well, the 15lbs pr. inch is just a rule of thumb. For instance, there is a guy in my gym who has 17-18" arms, but only about 20" legs (I might be a bit exaggurating). But still the bodys balance is very important for building bigger arms in the long run. As far as the ODAC conserns, i gained 1/2" - 3/4" of arm measurement. Looks like some gains on it, some don’t. I was one of the lucky ones :-). However i might mention i added 7lbs of bodyweight along! (Yes in only 72hours) Juhu
-True poliquin fan-

You are right, they dont add up. But the reason is that Poliquin means that you need 15lbs of bodyweight (probably lean mass, at that) to gain 1 inch of lean arm mass. When doing the ODAC, you may put on lean mass. But lean mass is defined by anything not fat. So water and inflammation are components of lean mass. So what you will gain is severe inflammation and myofibrillar damage. You arent going to put on 1" of muscle mass. It is a physiological impossibility for that much protein accretion to occur in one day or even a few.

I am also inclined to believe that this rule isnt hard and fast either. Remember, though, he’s just trying to give general average guidelines as to what to expect for arm gains. Im sure he doesnt believe and certainly isnt saying saying this 15lbs to 1" stuff is true for everyone. Remember, he doesnt really specify what kind of gain the weight is either. If you put 15lbs of fat on, I guarantee you wont gain 1" of arm girth (since fat will accumulate more in the trunk than in the appendages). It has to be lean mass (and Id suggest muscle mass) gain to translate into arm girth.