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One day arm cure

Have any of you T-men tried Charles P’s one-day-arm-cure program, from T-mag #30? If so what, kind of results did you get. Was the muscle size retained. Thanks!

I think it would be safe to say that the Arm cure is not likely going to work for the majority of people out there.
Dont think EVERTHING Poliquin writes is correct and effective. Try it if you’re curious enough; dont excepct much anything as far as arm size increases go.


the so called one day arm cure is the funniest thing i have ever heard. don 't believe me ,basically anyone with half a brain will tell you it is impossible just improve one body part without the rest of the body growing too, thats why high rep squats are so popular they allow you to use the heaviest weight possible ,and because its a compound movement,it will cause your whole system to adapt to such an incredible strain forcing an adaption(growth).i think i deard you gain an inch for every 10lbs,but thats only if genetics allow.

Yes, it sounds like shit. Anyway, i grew almost 3/4". It grows because of increased glycogen capacity tough. I think that’s why you can grow so much without increasing the rest of ur body.

maybe your arm did grow but i quarantee the arm was either swollen or had an increase in blood volume which isn’t permanment. arthur jones used to guarantee he could make anybodie’s arm goe 1/2 inch to a full inch over night and without fail he did it,but even he wasn’t sure if it was permamant.one body build he did this with franco columbo,you can check that experiment out on cyberpump under the classic collection (arthur jones)

No, it wasn’t blood volume. In fact, my arm were smaller after i was done with the workout, and still smaller the day after. But, after about 48-72 hours the results came. The pump should be long gone then. But i’v been told that i’ll lose that increase if i go on a low carb diet. I still haven’t lost the increasement. Another thing to add, is that i hadn’t made any progress in about 6months ++.

Tried the one day arm cure. Didn’t work. Was the most physically exhausting day I have ever experienced.