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One-Day Arm Cure

I’ve done Poliquin’s One-Day Arm Cure a total of three times now waiting a year in between each one. The first time, I put 1/2 inch on my arms, 1/4 inch the second time, and nothing the third time. Needless to say, I followed the tempos, sets, time, nutrition, etc. perfectly. I’m getting close to trying it for the fourth time and I was wondering if anyone knew when would be the best time in a lifting cycle to do it (Ex - at the end of 12-week program with 5 days off from lifting followed).
Thanks, JRC

Keep in mind that you may be reaching your genetic limit in arm size, hence the diminishing gains from the program. Have you tried Ian’s Great Guns program yet? Awesome in my experience.

I was thinking of trying the ODAC over the Christmas/ New Years break while my gym is closed. Any tips you can give me? I was thinking of swapping a lot of the food that Charles recommends. I just don’t think I could eat a steak for breakfast.
Anyway - I haven’t read the article for a while. Does Polinquin mention how the weight progresses throughout the day? If not - what did you find works best. I want it all from a veteran. Thanks.