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One day arm cure program

I have been reading up on The One-Day Arm Cure
By Charles Poliquin and am a little confused. It says to use Program A and Program B on alternating workout sessions. Do you do program A and B Or just program A throughout the day, and program B is just an alternate program that you can do instead of program A? Also, it says to take a neurotransmitter booser, specifically Power Drive. Is there anything else that can be used instead or do I have to order Power Drive ? Or is it even a big part of the workout and even matter ? Anyways thanks in advance.

Eric…you may want to check out The One-Day Chest Cure program. Poliquin created that after the Arm Cure and there are a few changes in the dietary plan. I’m not that familiar with the Arm Cure, but I did complete the Chest Workout. It’s brutal, but if you’re a masochist like myself, then you’ll have fun. As far as the A and B programs, you alternate them throughout the day. So if Program A begins at 9:00am, Program B would be performed at 9:30am, or whenever he prescribes. It’s an all-day affair my friend, and you’ll definitely know that you trained the following day–DOMS kicks in almost immediately! Keep stretching. Eat huge the next day too, there really isn’t that much food on the menu on the day of the program. I’m not sure what other people experienced, but I was pretty much using the pink dumbbells on my bench presses by the time it was done–and actually probably stumbled upon an nice little fast-twitch discovery. Good luck!

Timbo, are you saying that you believe you have more fast-twitch make-up in muscle fibres in your chest because of the wight drop toward the end of the day? Kind of curious, because I did the “1-day Chest cure” about a couple months back and the same thing happened to me. Didn’t really make any noticable gains in the chest though. Just soreness the next few days.

Maxim…well, I can’t say that my discovery was based solely on that experience. I imagine that anyone who annhilates their muscles in one session, like this program does, will end up using a low percentage of 1RM. Not only at the end of the day did my weights drop considerably…but during a single program, I would have to drop the weight more than what I would consider normal for subsequent sets. Also, during my last couple hypertrophy phases, I feel that this discovery that I spoke of became more evident. So, Maxim, I don’t think it’s accurate to say that I am fast-twitch based on the Chest Cure. That was a mistake, I apologize. And the soreness…yes, it was unbelievable; not to mention the fact that I could not eat enough the following day…my tank would never fill!


Did you make any noticeable gains when you tried the ‘one day chest cure’? Has anyone made any noticeable gains after these so called, ‘one day cures’? -Epitome

Eric, I think that something like Power Drive will be helpful, but not necessary. I did something similar to The One-Day Arm Cure a while back, but I used the basic ephedra/ma-huang combo…your basic fat burner/upper. Tyrosine (the main ingredient in Power Drive) is helpful, and I love Power Drive. But if you can’t afford it, just use some stimulants instead (coffee, fat burners, guarana, etc.) I found EAS’s Neurogain was more ‘calming’, because of the St. John’s Wort…Twinlab makes a product called Choline Cocktail (not bad, pricey)…but definitely, price wise, and ingredient wise, Power Drive is your best bet, but not necessary if you can’t afford it.

Epitome…I don’t think I made any appreciable gains from the cure. However, it was pretty fun and I don’t think I lost anything. I did have a tendency to throw in a few extra sets here and there–it got kind of boring waiting for the next Program! You’ll never know if you don’t give it a shot…if you’ve got a day to use and you love training, go for it!

My workout partner and I just did the One Day Arm-cure last saturday. (It’s a little weird being in the gym all day. In fact, we went to two different gyms just so it didn’t seems as if we had no life.) We were really skeptical that a single days workout could make a noticable difference, but, here are the results, three days later. Don’t laugh at the measurements… :slight_smile: I’m 5’9" and weigh 155. Before, left arm, 14.5 inches, right arm, 14.75 inches. This morning, left bicep, 15 inches, right bicep, 15.1 inches. I will post the results at the end of the week if you like, and my workout partners as well. I figure if they still measure 15+ this Saturday, then the new arm size should be here to stay, and not just from muscle inflamation or something. :slight_smile:

One warning about the Arm-Cure. The workout is hard, but the meals were harder. I consumed so many pills and strange foods that my stomach was angry with me for the next 16 hours. My girlfriend wasn’t too keen on the noises and smells I was making either. Sorry for the bad mental image. :slight_smile:
I would love to hear if anyone got good results from the one-day chest cure, as I’d like to try that in a few months.

Let us know whether it does stay or not, good work bro.