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One Day Arm Cure and Mag-10

I’ve always been temped to try the one day arm cure, and with Mag-10 on its way I’m thinking now is as good of time as any to give Poliquin’s program a go. My question is, would it be better to do it toward the beginning of my Mag-10 cycle or toward the end? Or somewhere in the middle? For the rest of the time I’m probably going to use the Max-OT principles that AST Sports Science promotes. I have not used them in a while and I’ve gained a lot of muscle in the past using Max-OT. Or maybe, I should just forget trying to use the One Day Arm Cure. What do you think?

before attempting that program search the forum for past discussion about it, most people who tried it seemed to have no success, and that is a long amoung of time to spend on something that wont work, im not saying the program doesnt work period, but i know that many people didnt like it.

One day arm cure is crap.You’re arms will be eaten away by lactic acid.Why don’t you do something productive all day like dig a hole or chop some wood.you’ll probably get better results.And if you’ve read about max-ot you would see how one day arm cure is useless.

I did the one day arm cure. Now I am using the Max-OT program. I have been doing Max OT for 3 months, and my strength is at its all time highest, and after one month I went from 191 at 7.5% bf to 192 at 6% bf. I don’t think that I will stray from Max OT until my gains stagnate. The only downside is my form got a little sloppy since I was focusing on moving as much iron as possible. I got competitive with my training partner on bent rows with 235lbs, and I swung a little too much, and messed up my back for a week. From now on I am going to use a (2:0:x) cadence. What have others experienced with Max OT? I figure if it produced Jeff Willett, and Skip Lacore it must me good, and so far both my training partner and I love it.

I got good results with the o.d.a.c : went from 14 3/4 to 15 1/2 inches. It took about 7 days for the full effect to be realized. Also the gains stuck around for a long time. Actually until I slacked off of training for a few months. At the time I was not on any pro-steroid or pro-hormnone products. I used the Biotest Powerdrive though to ensure sufficient brain food for the workout. Whether or not you will gain anything from it depends on many factors which you no doubt are fully aware of (like food and rest before and after the training).

I am going to do it again this long weekend (Monday Nov 11). On the day that I do this workout I will have been supplementing with the following:

1. Tribex-500 (3 weeks as follows - wk1: 4caps x2, wk2: 5caps x2, wk3: 6caps x2); 2. Nandrosol (1 week - 70 sprays x2); 3. Creatine (1 week - 5 grams x4); 4. Glutamine (1 week - 15 grams pre and post workout);

For the week following the o.d.a.c I will continue as above except reducing the Creatine to 5grams x2).

Since I do not have Powerdrive at this time I will be using the old standby - Ephedrine and Caffiene with some good anti-lactic acid carb stuff (CytoMax).

Currently (nov 9) my arms are at 15 1/4 inches cold. Probably small compared to the majority of posters here. Here are some other bits of info on my situation that may have a bearing on the outcome:

  1. Height 6’1"
  2. Weight 190lbs (as of nov 7)
  3. Bodyfat 10%
  4. Lacto-ovo Vegetarian. My two main souces of protein are whey and casein.
  5. Training for about 10yrs.
  6. Methods: primarily low to moderate volume and moderate to high intensity.

Prior to the first time I did the o.d.a.c. my arms had never been larger than 15". So for me it was a great thing to do.

I’ll post the results of the 2nd run in about a week - if I remember… ;-).

Good luck,