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One Day 5/3/1, Other Days Walrus Training

One day a week I can train with my Trap Bar and Dip/Chin station. I can probably fit in 50-100 reps of Push Ups/DB Row/DB Squat a few other days a week.

How should I lay out my training on the trap bar day? I was thinking a 531 and FSL on the trap bar with chins and dips just going for 50-100 reps (sort of Krypteia-like?)

Then the walrus days are self explanatory, circuit of the movements listed above and would eventually add a weight vest when the push ups get easy.

How should I lay out my training on the trap bar day?

I would use the Trap Bar as a main movement; If I were you, I’d look back at your training logs and see what seemed to work best for the trap bar. Then I’d repeat that. It could be PR sets, BBB, BBS, 5x5 FSL or even something that I haven’t written about.

After the main lift, you can do a bunch of chins/dips.

But I’d probably keep this day entirely “strength” focused and let the other days be “circuit-style”.

Sounds like the most sensible solution for now.

Strength day (once a week):
Trap Bar 5s PRO / 531+
Trap Bar BBB / FSL
Chins and Dips 25-50 reps of each

Circuit days (2-4x a week)
DB Squat/Lunge 50-100 reps
Push Ups 50-100 reps
DB Row 50-100 reps

I get a few bike rides in for cardio during the week (use it to get around), and have a yoga app I do about ten-fifteen minutes of each day for mobility.

This plan sounds like something I can keep up through even very busy periods, so there’s no excuses.

Thanks, Jim.