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One Choice. One Powder


Hey everybody, through meticulous devising and some damn arguing, I've convinced my parents that whey protein is not satanic or are anabolic steroids. I'm able to buy one protein powder right now, but have not much idea which. I've been contemplating on Surge, Optimum 100% Whey and isoNatural, but cannot make a final decision. Surge seems great for pre-post workout but won't do much else, Optimum appears to be well-rounded and versatile and isoNatural has very well protein quality and is very mixable as I've read from the reviews. I've so far used 1 liter of milk post workout with good effect, but what I plan on doing is to mix that 1 liter with protein powder for maxmum effect. So, any tips would be appreciated.


Ha ha, my parents used to think the same.

How about Maximuscles Cyclone


Doesn't that have creatine in it? I think OP is looking for just protein?


I haven't read the best reviews about that product. Why so, can you say?


ON whey is probably my favorite. The packaging isn't too crazy either. So it won't scare your folks...lol

I usually buy it 10lbs at a time.


So, the million dollar question remains. How in hell do I get that to Turkey without paying twice that money for shipping?


you cant, it'll probably be better fnacially in the long run to drink milk and eat goat


If given only those 3 choices, I'd use the ON, for convenience reasons mainly.


How about buying local? If there are no bodybuilding stores that carry US powders, buy their generic brands.
You need to look at the labels, kid. You wanna have at least 85g of protein per 100g and few, if any, junk fillers. Rule of thumb: The longer the ingredient list, the shittier the product.

Or, you can just eat more meat. 10 Döner add about 1 lbs of muscle to your biceps and 20 lahmacun put ink in your ink-stick if you know what I mean...