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One Body Part A Day


I have for some time now being playing around with routines (Blatant training add lol). I also quite often have to work out at home, with work (shift & night patterns) & family commitments. I have over the time because of this brought a lot of stuff like plates etc and it's all working out nicely.

The biggest problem i have is that i like to do one body part a day. I enjoy it a lot, i feel i can put all that intensity into that one group and i never used to be this way. Before i could do 2-3 muscle groups per workout and feel fine but now i can't do that effectively as i am giving my all to that first muscle group.

Is there such a problem with this? Will i be hindering my gains by just picking a rested muscle group and going for it without it all planned out on paper?




no dont plan anything and dont write anything down on paper just pick up some weights and do what feels good that should do the trick




yeah youre fucked.
but really just make sure youre hitting everything evenly and frequently enough, it can be mental tabs or whatever


perfectly decent strategy



maybe have a look at this?