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One Big Girl!!!


When are female bodybuilders too big?


. . . I'd hit it.


Dammit Vash you beat me to it.

I'd hit it just for the story.


I'd be afraid "it" would hit me! =O


Don't you mean ...I'd hit him?


With what?...A baseball bat?


Okay, so who is "she"?

hey I like to have names for my nightmares.


Uh, I think this has been done before. But I'd say she classifies as 'too big'...




I think she was the lead singer for Motley Crue in the 80's.


No no, Vince only weighed about a buck fifty at the time . . . .


Lmfao @ all the posts on this thread haha. When did everyone get so witty?

And yes, I'd hit it too. Just so I can say I did.


Id hit it any which way then let her hit me any which way cus im into it.




I wouldn't hit it...

I'd be afraid she'd eat me... kind of like a praying mantis, except she'd eat me with her vagina.


Which is why I am marveling at his amazing progress in the ensuing 20 years! I mean look at the PECS, for God's sake!


With the clit she must have, she'd probably hit all of you...


IronHell, where is the rest of that avatar?


im thinking this thing is photoshop. look at her shadow. her shadow would only look like that if she were standing next to an entirely flat surface, and pretty close to it. we can see a couch and other things behind her that would "break" or "fold" her shadow. just my opinion. that being said, fuck yea id hit that too


You SAY you'd hit it, but no one's comtmplated this: what if you didn't make her cum?

You want to be naked around her when she gets frustrated?